Rima's Diner Restaurant Review

At my former job, my coworkers and I would go to Rima's about once/week. In a sea of fast food options - Rima's was one of the few sit down spots on Buttermilk Pike. They've now expanded and built one in downtown Covington.

I had a little reunion lunch with a couple of the guys from the old job and we decided to head back to Rima's. We'd had many a laugh and quite a bit of good food too! How about today? It's off Buttermilk Pike next to McDonalds, Arby's, Subway and Burger King - i.e. fast food hell!

They are big fans of Elvis...the King is everywhere!

I ordered the chicken pot pie - it was the daily special. It looked perfect! I'm typically a two-crust girl (crust on the bottom and the top) - I'm actually a pretty big fan of the 59 cent ones at Aldi...but this is homemade and obviously far better.

Look how big it is! As big as my hand!

Here's a close up of the inside - the crust was perfection! The inside was just thick enough with good sized pieces of juicy chicken as well as carrots and peas. Maybe some brocolli would be nice but this was very very good. I ate every bite!

Rob got the burger as he usually does. It looked pretty good - definitely not a box patty. He was pleased.

CJ got a 1/2 sandwich and soup. Sandwich looked good and he ate it all up. The "soup" is pinto beans - and while it may seem odd for a soup - they're really good and are usually ordered by at least one of us every visit! It also comes with cornbread - and CJ said that seemed to be better (less crumbly) than before! I'm a huge cornbread fan (Hoggy's is my favorite).

I really enjoy Rima's - they really don't have any healthy options and most things are fried - but damn it's good. I have to say though - I got pizza once - I'd avoid that. But really sandwiches and whatever the special is - you can't go wrong. They also have things like pork chops and steak.

So if you're near Buttermilk Pike and don't feel like fast food - head on over and check out Rima's!


  1. I wish we had a Rima's Diner here. Sounds pretty good as you review it well. Again, very good review effort. They make me hungry when you give a good review!

  2. We visited this same Rima's and it was EXCELLANT! I have been bragging about it since we came back to WV. She is the next Paula Deen in my opinion. I understand that they use Rima's own recipes. The prices are great also.

  3. Whenever we are in the area we stop at Rima's. The best food and great service. The portions are big enough to satify hungry working men.

  4. Rima's does have some healthy options. They have grilled chicken, grilled pork chops, grilled cod, and blackened grouper. They also have some great salads like the Chef Salad, Rima's Summer Salad with cranberries, walnuts and grilled chicken or a house salad with grilled chicken.