Steak & Shake Restaurant Review

A few days ago I was starving and it was late and I was driving by Steak & Shake in Oakley- thus I went. I'm not a big "chain" person any more but I love their chili and was starving...

Funny story about my history with S&S. As a kid - I went to S&S every year for my birthday. How ghetto is that? We didn't have one where I lived and I thought it was fun. Ah - I was so sheltered!

I do love their damn chili - it's not Cincinnati chili but it's amazing! It's thick and chunky and meaty and beany and I just love it! I don't think it's very healthy for you - which is too bad. At Wendy's, the chili is among the healthiest menu items...not so at S&S. It does taste great though and is among my favorite chili's ever.

They have these new "Shooters" sandwiches that are basically sliders. I got the A1 Thick & Hearty Shooters. They sucked! Whoever was cooking basically dumped salt all over them - I couldn't even eat them! They were salt sliders! (and I like salt - but this was even too much for me)

BF got the original double cheeseburger and fries...he ate it so I'm guessing it wasn't a salt burger.

I love their skinny fries...ala Zips.

I also got a junior-sized chocolate shake - it was really good too! So I'd go back for shakes for sure!

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