Am I blue?

Couple weeks ago after a rousing game of kickball - me and the BF went to a friends house for some 'za! It was my first experience with Lucy Blue's in Mt. Lookout. I'd had Ramundo's a few times and honestly wasn't a big fan - I didn't like the red pepper flakes... So how would this go?

First - love the box - it's so colorful! Nice to see a place actually take some time with the box art!

Scott got red pepper and mushroom - I loved it! The sauce, the cheese, the toppings - really great! It was greasy and flimsy but I liked it a lot!!!!

We got a couple pieces of pepperoni as well for the plain old meat-eating BF - it was good too!

This is a short and concise review - but I'd say - if you're in MTL and want some pizza - choose Lucy Blue's!

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  1. Fourth best pizza on Mt Lookout Square, once you include the frozen ones you can buy at UDF or the small grocery/deli place.

  2. I can't wait for the day you post a review in which the exclamation points exceed the words.

  3. Now c'mon Anonymous....she did make use of a period.....once......oh and a question mark!

    (or should I end that with three or four exclamation points instead of just one...)

  4. All the anonymous can suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I love the Lucy Blue's on 12th Street. Awesome spicy pizza, but I have to qualify that by saying I've never eaten it sober, its always been like 1am, drunk in line watching the working girls trying not to fall out of their tops.