Log Cabin Inn Restaurant Review

My friend Lou and I are always in search of new places in Northern Kentucky for dinner. One day we literally stumbled across the Log Cabin Inn. It's a big old Log Cabin...yeah...really!

I told ya!

Your entrees start with a salad - served on cold metal plates with good old iceberg lettuce and some good thick honey mustard! (I think that's what it is - might have been Thousand Island) It's not a fancy salad but it's not a fancy place.

Lou got a steak with a side of pinto beans. She was very pleased - she likes her steak dead and burned! I can't fathom eating it - but she liked it. She wasn't a fan of the pinto beans - I tried them - there was a bit of an after taste.

I got a NY strip with onion rings. The steak was medium rare and cooked perfectly. The onion rings were pretty good - a couple weren't done all the way but for the most part - very good. The roll is served cold and pretty bland. Also - the steak was $11.99 - what a deal!

The BF came along too - he got his "usual" for restaurants these days - a steak hoagie. He liked it just fine. I tasted - I'm not sure what exactly kind of "steak" is on a steak hoagie. This isn't just at Log Cabin Inn but in general - what is it? It's more like an oblong shaped burger. Anybody know? Can you tell me?

Well anyway - he liked it.

Overall - the Log Cabin Inn isn't amazing but it's good solid food. They have specials, they have good steak and it's a very casual place. The interior is pretty dark and I think it's the kind of place that has regulars. And by regulars, I mean the same old people go at 430 every Tuesday afer bingo.

But I love it - it's one of my favorite places to go - and I really have no idea why!

And just for my all my anonymous readers - and you know who you are - I only had 3 exclamation points in this review. Until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just saw Kathy Griffin Friday night - and she's inspired me to tell those folks - SUCK IT!

Hahaha - that's seriously only for the exclamation point police that read my blog. The rest of you - you rock!

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  1. Actually, you had seven - but thanks for making my point.

  2. yeah, she thinks she's funny or something, when in fact, her writing is pathetic

  3. Then why spend your time reading it?

    Have a great day!

  4. because your 'reviews' are laughable, and we could all use a good laugh.

    Go take a writing class.

  5. Well how about you take an english class Mr. I Don't Capitalize The Beginning of Sentences!

    I mean - seriously - it's all for fun! Why be a drag?

    And I was a journalism major - I just slept a lot in class.

    And why be "anonymous"?

  6. anonymous negative commentators are pussies whose opinions are not even worth the millisecond that it will take to delete them

  7. Love the Log Cabin! I just recently discovered it for myself, and the Log Cabin burger is awesome-SO cheap (4.99 for the platter, I think) and tasty. It's kind of like a Big Boy, but has more toppings and tastes better, in my opinion.

  8. It figures that the arrogant asshat poser schwartz (who stupidly thinks it is cool to use an admixture of upper and lower cases letters in his name, ala high school, and thinks the concrete and glass box that is Parker Flats is a work of art or something) would have something to say here. The ignorant come to the defense of each other. Predictable and clique-ish. What a joke of a blogger....wow, I have a blog, I MUST be cool! Give me a break.

  9. now go and tweet/twat/twit to each other about how mean ol' Anonymous is rather than doing any self-assessment, wouldn't want that, no no no. Heck, just keep assuring each other of how great you are, kings of your own little blogosphere clique but less than nothing to anyone else.

  10. Forgot to mention - comments on a food blog by a guy who has frequently noted his very favorite food is found at McDonalds (and no, I'm not talking about Mr Ochocinco) are of little or no value

  11. Like i said, "anonymous negative commentators are pussies"

    Thanks for proving my point.

  12. Hi there, Anon. We'd love to know who you are. Share with us your blog information. I'm waiting to be impressed beyond words.


  13. Wow - as a first time reader I was definitely thrown off by the comments section. I don't profess to be any amount of cool, or an expert at anything, but I also don't read blogs just to make fun of the writer. If it's a good blog, I'll read it. If I don't like it, I move on. Personally, I don't think it matters if someone is "Anonymous" or not...there are some things you just shouldn't do past 6th grade, nameless/faceless or not.

  14. Never feed the trolls. Unless you plan to mock them relentlessly. That's my philosophy.


    Maybe we can all take a writing class together. That would be fun! Kate, Bob, Heather, Anna, Anonypussy... what do you say?

  15. Dear Anonymous:

    There is a saying, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. The Food Hussy is simply expressing her freedom of speech in her blog. And whether or not you agree with her reviews that is your opinon. But if you are going to be rude then read the above sentence again.

  16. Oh noes. There's an internet tough guy on the loose! Everybody panic! Bow down before its greatness and all-knowingness!

  17. I believe what Heather is doing here is called a hobby. She isn't a professional, nor does she proclaim to be. She critiques for fun. The point of a hobby, and correct me if I'm wrong, is to perfect a skill over time and enjoy doing it. Otherwise it just gets boring, now doesn't it? She will get better at her reviews as she goes along.

    If you have suggestions for her, that's fine. Learn how to do it in a respectful way. Your opinion will be heard by the blogger if you're not screaming insults at them left and right. I believe that's called trolling, not critiquing.

    Besides, this is her own personal blog. Her friends and family read it and whoever happens across it. She is not competing with anyone for the #1 Blog Award.

  18. it isn't surprising you're all here act the part of enablers, and this blog will continue on it's blissfully ignorant ways. On the matter of 'puss' - this isn't a level playing field, the blogger has the control, so why would a commenter ever reveal their identity? No, the "you're a puss" responses are for those of you who don't want to face the real issues raised and instead go ad hominem. Pathetic. You deserve each other, folks, and from the looks of it, you need each other for that reassurance that you don't suck. Truth be damned.

    It is certainly true that a blog need not be entertaining, well written, or contain any useful subject matter. Both this blog (and schwartz's) are convincing enough proof of that if ever proof was needed.

    However, the better blogs are well written, useful, and/or entertaining - sometimes all three simultaneously. As far as I can tell, there is no aspiration to any of that here. I guess I can leave it at that.

  19. Okay Mr or Ms Anonymous - final word from me on you and your rude posts and your critiquing of my grammar and punctuation.

    This is for fun. I really enjoy it. I try and be a little witty and share my opinion on area restaurants.

    I'm not a Pulitzer Prize winning writer - but I think I'm decent. My blogs have a beginning (why I'm there), middle (food pics & thoughts) and end (wrap up). What more do you want?

    Seriously - if you don't like it - don't read it.

    If it's a guilty pleasure like watching Melrose Place - well then have at it.

    If you like commenting for whatever reason - have at that too.

    Just try and not be insulting - I don't know you - you don't know me (at least I don't think we do) - why insult/attack me personally?

    I don't delete comments unless they'd make my mom cry - that's my rule.

    See I'm even trying to not use !!! and capitalize properly. I'm trying!

    Lastly - this blog is about the food - not my writing. So let's take it back full circle and say - to the one Anonymous person that mentioned the burger deal - THANKS! I'll have to try that next time I'm there.

  20. Anonymous needs a life. Obviously to put down something as a fun hobby leads me to believe he was weaned from the tit too soon. Issues issues issues for that turd.
    I like your blog and not just for the food comments etc. Your writing is entertaining. Hell, I don't live in your town and read it to get food ideas and stay in contact with a great person.

    Lay off anonymous punk wipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough punktuation for ya?

  21. Oh, yeah. Got the guts anonymous to try a blog for your ideals?

    Is this your main purpose in life? Oh, that's right; you do not have a life...

  22. Let's get this straight, when one decides to publish something, critique is part of the package.
    Some, like the guy who considers worthwhile a publication featuring endless photos of himself with the same tragically smug expression, can't take it when others point out their mindless self absorption.

    Point is, schwartz could do what he does on facebook or myspace and no one would critique - but in choosing to do it as a blog he is open to other's opinions unless he cowardly omits anonymous comments when in actuality he merely omits comments from anyone other than his likeminded clique of sycophants.

    As to Food Hussy, if she is truly a food blogger and wished to express her opiinions on things food, then again, critique comes with the territory. So someone expressing opinions on food and including comments about adding "lots of salt" or how they don't care for entire food groups or about "the personal trainer BF doesn't like vegetables" should recognize that they are liekly to be dismissed as a rational voice or valued opinion on Cincinnati's food scene - just as any writer past 6th grade will be vilified for ending every other sentence with an exclamation point.

    Critique, yes, it's fair - though there's no need for it to be personal or disrespectful. In fact, I applaud the Hussy for being open to it, unlike her defender scwhartz who, if he were to call me a pussy in public would spend the following several desperate and seemingly endless seconds trying to disgorge his cigar from deep in his trachea while hoping beyond hope that someone in his small circle of friends knows CPR.

  23. I do consider myself a food blogger and I wish to express my opinions. And yes - those opinions are about salt, or foods I don't like or whatever. Every blogger I have read does that.

    So why am I dismissed as a rational voice or opinion? Because I have an opinion???

    You just aren't making sense.

    You don't like that I use too many exclamation points. You think I'm not a good writer.

    What else have you "critiqued" me on? I'm open to hearing it - but you're not saying it!

    And I think vilifying someone for punctuation is a bit ridiculous.

    This blog is my opinion and review of restaurants that I go to. It also tends to include humorous anecdotes about the visits.

    That's all - I've never tried to say it was anything more than that.

  24. I agree that this is a food blog, but certainly not a good one, to put it mildly. Poor writing skills coupled with poor judgement do not a good blog (food or otherwise) make.

    The mission seems to be about quantity over quality; poor quality content is frequently added. More content means more visitors, and those who have visited before return to gawk much like rubberneckers as they pass a twisted wreck on the freeway.

    This blog strongly resembles that same twisted wreckage