RuThai's Restaurant Review

This year for my birthday I decided to have a great big birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - RuThais!

My great friend Marla got me a big ol' ice cream cake - and it's PINK! It was delicious!

Here's the group of us - too many great friends to name but it was so much fun having everyone together.

Scott had got the RuThai special - which means - RuThai or Tim make whatever they want! It's always amazing! This was a "surf & turf" and Scott really enjoyed it. Don't be afraid to ask for it - they're welcome to be creative and make something special for you!

Quite a few of us got sushi - I'm a huge fan of their sushi!

I can never decide between the spicy fried fish and the sushi - for my birthday I chose the sushi...The UK roll (lower roll) is always my favorite!

Karen got rolls too - yum yum!

The BF was new to Thai and got a chicken with peanut sauce. It was kinda dry - I tried to order for him - but he was a bit wary of what to get. See - even I can not love something from my favorite restaurant.

Someone else (can't remember who) got the Chicken Satay.

Seafood & veggies on rice - very good as usual.

It's almost more of a pictorial than a review. I already know I love RuThais - I mean duh - I picked it for my birthday!

The spicy fried fish is my favorite...and their side salad. They have the best ever peanut salad dressing!

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