Fred & Gari's Restaurant Review

I work downtown and there are so many different sandwich shops - I really need to get out and try more of them.

A couple weeks ago my friend Ron told me to try Fred & Gari's because they have the best cookies on the planet as well as great sandwiches.

So the cookie bug was in my ear and I had to get it!
But before the cookie - I had to have a sandwich!

It's a very unassuming spot you've probably walked by a million times and didn't even realize it. The menu is very small and the whole thing is fairly informal. I decided just to ask what the favorite sandwich was and one of the guys (maybe Fred or Gari) recommended the turkey club.

I got that and then 2 sides... I chose marinated vegetables and greek pasta salad.

The sandwich was good - nothing special really - good sized - wish I had more mayo or something saucy.

The sides were good - they were both cold. I gobbled down the greek pasta salad - it was really tasty.

But more importantly - THE COOKIES!

Let me just say - these cookies are insane...they are gi-freakin-gantic! Some are just like 6 inches across and others are about 4 inches high. It's just nutso!

Don't believe me?

Yeah - that's a freakin cookie.

I got this chocolate oatmeal "cookie". Someone said it looked like a cow patty - um - not exactly the visual they were probably hoping for - but it was a damn tasty cow patty!

It wasn't the most amazing cookie ever - but it was pretty darned good. It was moist and flavorful - I definitely want to go back and try some more of them.

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  1. i LOVE fred and gari's. it's too bad you weren't that into the sandwich... they roast all their own meats and i think they're really delicious, definitely better than most sandwiches downtown. and their bread is super fresh and soft.

  2. That is not a cookie. It is a brownie. Actually, there is great culinary debate as to where that fine line exists between the two baking styles. OK, the debate ain't that great.

    Nice review with such a limited variety of food. Yes, it was about the cownie or the mookie.

  3. I love their hot subs like the Steak Hoggie and their soups are really good generally. Also, try their ham and chicken sandwhich!