Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Review

My dear fabulous young gorgeous intelligent captivating and just plain amazing friend Marla recently had a birthday (thus all the niceties) and we all went out for hibatchi and sushi to Tokyo Japanese in Sharonville!

(for the all-you-can-eat info - you gotta read the whole thing!)

Shot of Marla and Steve in their completely awesome huge ass classic convertible.

Marla mainly wanted sushi - and this is close to her beautiful home in Glendale - so it's why we went. This is the rainbow roll and some Japanese beer - very fancy!

I think I went for the Reds Roll - I like rolls best with avocado and cream cheese and all the things that shouldn't be in sushi. Oooh and some big ol' shrimp tempura. You know - how the hell are you supposed to eat the tempura on the ends - I mean really??? But I managed.

The sushi was good - friends also got sashimi and such. Pretty impressed.

But it's also a hibatchi grill (ala Benihana) so here we have the soup and salad. Both kinda sucked. The soup - hell what's the point? It's just broth. And the salad - the dressing had huge chunks in it and wasn't good. I skipped in favor of sushi!

As with any hibatchi grill - you get the fun chef that flips his spatulas...

and makes happy faces out of oil...

and then sets them on fire!

First up, fried rice. He did the whole spinning egg thing too - my camera wasn't quick enough. If you haven't been to one of these - it is great fun!

You can choose from vegetables ($13), chicken ($14), steak ($18 maybe), shrimp or scallops ($19 maybe) to have with your rice/vegetables.

I went for chicken and my fried rice...very very tasty!

BF is allergic to eggs so he skipped the fried rice and got steak. His plate looks so sad! They also cook up shrimp and give everybody a few - cooked perfectly.

Then, of course, the onion volcano...

which has it's flames put out by a little plastic peeing's fun.

After the rice/meats are done - then we get veggies - they were really great. I do love them.

It's always a little odd because you sort of get your meal in chunks - rice...meat...veggies... I try and hold off so I get to mix them all together at least for a few bites.

And we'll end with a shot of the birthday girl getting some surprise cake from the staff. Always a nice end. It was funny - you know every Chinese buffet has the little squares of bland odd cake. Well they took four squares and set them together and then put a gallon of whipped cream on top - but hey - made it easier to share!

Overall - it's not the best hibatchi place I've been to. Strangely enough - that was in Marion, IA (Osaka)! I haven't been to Benihana yet - it's the BFs favorite so we're saving that for something special. But this is a good place - especially considering it's in Sharonville.

Also - the title of the blog - yes - All You Can Eat Sushi on Wednesday nights for $25.95. That's about the cost of 2 of the expensive rolls. If you can eat enough sushi to justify it - go for it! I love rolls - so I probably could. Sashimi is probably $2-5/each - so that adds up quickly as well (you have to eat the whole thing though - no just eating the piece of fish and leaving the rice).

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  1. $25 for AUCE sushi isn't a bad deal! Although I'm lost on the sashimi -- is it included in all you can eat or is it just maki (rolls)? You said have to eat all of the sashimi but if it has rice underneath, it's nigiri, right? :)

  2. Okay - I have no idea what sashimi is compared to nigiri! hahaha - i never get it - so that's why.

    But you can get the individual pieces - but you have to eat the rice under - if that's nigiri - then there you go!