Waffle House Restaurant Review

My name is Food Hussy and I love Waffle House...there I admitted it.

Thus in celebration of National Waffle Week - let's do a review of Waffle House!

First - the actual waffle. Even if it's dinner time or whatever - I have to have a waffle. It's just the way it is. I never make waffles - I mean - I'll toast a freezer one but that's not even the same food group.

I'm not a big fan of the belgian waffles that you can get at IHop - I love the thin sweet waffles of Waffle House. I love the syrup - the stickiness of the silverware - just love it all!

So - if you've been living under a rock - and haven't been to the Waffle - at least go and try one!

I also am a big fan of the breakfast. They have really cheap breakfast combos. On this particular evening I got the All Star - which is: 2 eggs, toast, hash browns or grits, bacon or sausage & biscuits & gravy or waffle.

I'm not a grits fan - so I always choose the hash browns. The Waffle lets you have them smothered (onions), covered (cheese), chunked (ham), diced (tomatoes), peppered (jalapenos), capped (mushrooms) or topped (Bert's chili). I just went for the covered this time - figured with all the other food - that was good.

The food is typically salty - but I love salt. The food is kinda greasy - but I like grease too.

The BF is allergic to eggs so he went straight for the dinner menu. He got a burger with bacon and a side of the hashbrowns. He's a simple guy - not even smothered! He was happy.

Here's the deal - most people will tell you that you should only go to "Awful Waffle" when you're drunk or hung over. I completely disagree. Every couple of months - I love me some Waffle House.

This particular day was after we had moved my beautiful fabulous sister up to Wittenberg in Springfield. After a long day of lifting, hauling and driving - we were hungry. After trips to Target, Aldi and Walmart - we were broke. After the hour and half drive up and the hour and a half drive back - we were tired. Thus - Waffle House was our perfect stop!

Also something noteworthy - I have NEVER had bad service at Waffle House. The servers are always laughing and do a great job. It's truly something I appreciate.

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  1. Next time you're in Springfield, try Mike and Rosy's Deli, which is near Wittenberg.

  2. Mike and Rosy's is good stuff, the corned beef is always stellar. Did you make it to Wittenberg's finest waterfront dining, Station 1?

  3. I have not made it to Station 1 yet but we are trying different places. We've had to go to Walmart a lot for her eye appts so we've been hitting that road.

    Next trip though - definitely hitting the deli! And then Station 1.