Skinny Legs - Bellevue's Best!

Recently I headed out to lunch with a friend and decided to see what Bellevue, Kentucky has to offer. Well the answer was quite a lot! As Polly Campbell recently displayed, Bellevue has a lot going on when it comes to dining out!

Skinny Legs is on the the main street that takes you through Bellevue. If you're not sure where this is - go like you're going to Newport on the Levee but instead of a Left towards the Levee - turn about 1 mile - you're there!

Inside it's surprisingly open. The ceilings are tall and there is a 2nd floor but it's not used for the public right now. The bar area is very nice and there's a separate room off to the left with booths.

My friend got a burger. The owners of Skinny Legs used to own Zola's so she'd heard great things about the burgers. Her choice was one with a fried egg on top! She was VERY pleased!

One of the sides was slaw and she had to try it - again - very very happy with this selection.

I went for sin on a plate. My trainer BF was not very pleased when he saw this photo. It is grilled chicken under all that mess - give me a little credit! It's the Miss Kentucky Chicken Sandwich - I remember that much. There was pepper jack, cole slaw (same as photo above), avocado and bbq sauce I think. Then, because that's obviously not enough, I made the fries bacon/cheese fries.

It was delicious! The whole thing - I basically licked the plate. I can't wait to go back!

And because sandwiches were on special that day - it was like $5.75 or something like that (plus a little extra for my cheesy goodness on the fries).

No idea what this sign is selling - but dude - they have a Bimbo sign in the bar. It cracked me up.

Also must note - the server did a great job. She was attentive, knowledgeable and very friendly. It's a pub so I don't expect much - but this was over a week ago and I still remember her - so that's saying something.

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  1. The burger with a fried egg on top looked amazing!

  2. The Bimbo sign is for Bimbo Bread. It's a Mexican company.

    I only know this because the Mexican grocery store across the street from me sells Bimbo Bread. It's quite delicious!