Take a break from eating out...just for a day...

You all know how much I love food. I write about it all the damn time! Well today - I'm taking a break from dining out. I packed my lunch today so I could take that $5-10 I'd spend on food and donate it to a good cause.

I've lived here for 5 1/2 years and still remember the first person I met when I got out of the car after the long 9 hour drive from Cedar Rapids, IA.

It was the guy you see in the picture to the right. His name is Jason. He and his wife were moving into the apartment below mine at the exact same time as I was. Seemed a little odd since it was a Sunday night around 8pm...but hey...things happen for a reason.

Later that summer, a repeat offense drunk driver killed Jason.

Since then I've become very close to his late wife. If it hadn't been for his passing - we probably would have kept passing in the halls until they moved into their new house and then gone our separate ways. But, that's not the way the cards were dealt.

Danielle organized a team to walk in the annual MADD fundraiser the next year and we've been doing it ever since. Dani is pretty amazing because her team keeps coming in first every year. It's a testament to the kind of person Jason was.

Here's a message from Danielle:

On July 9th, 2004, Jason Presley, my husband and the love of my life, was killed by a drunk driver. He died from a cause that is totally preventable, and after a year and 7 months of marriage, I became a widow at the age of 27.

My family was contacted by MADD, and as we went through the court procedings, a representative from MADD was there to help us through the process and to make sure the judge knew that he was being watched by the public as he determined a sentence.

MADD has done and continues to do a great deal to eliminate drunk driving. Not only do they offer victim services and put pressure on judges to act as justly as possible given the laws, they are working hard to have laws changed.

One of these laws they are working to get passed in all states involves the interlock ignition device. With this device, a passenger must breathe into a device before the car will start. They are working to make it mandatory for these to be installed for offenders. There is also new technology that uses the sweat from your hands on the steering wheel to determine if it's safe for the vehicle to start. With these new technologies, GREAT STRIDES can be made to end this horrific crime!

One in three people will be affected by drunk driving in their lifetime - those are NOT good odds for any of us! Stand with me in supporting MADD as they work diligently to see an end to drunk driving and the needless injuries and deaths that occur as a result of it.



One in three...that's a big number.

So take a break from eating lunch out tomorrow and donate that $5-10 to Walk Like MADD. It's easy - all you have to do is click on the photo of Jason and Danielle in the top right of this page or click here.

Thanks...and now back to our regularly scheduled food blogging.

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