Cheap Ass Downtown Lunch!

My buddy Eric is the connoisseur of the $5 foot longs...he goes like 3 days/week. Luckily - he breaks out of his shell once in a while and he recently introduced me to something new! Chinese Combo King in the Food Court of Tower Place Mall.

Here's the hustling and bustling food court in action...okay - not really but hey - it's the best shot my camera phone would take.

The combo gets you rice and or noodles and 2 entrees. This is a ton of food! I chose noodles with spicy shredded pork and teriyaki chicken. It was awesome!!!! The teriyaki mellowed the spiciness of the pork which made it a good combo.

Its mall chinese - so it's not HOLY COW AMAZING - but it's way better than chickenJoy. And that food combo - $5.26 (no drink). You can't beat $5.26 for all that food - and it's good!

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  1. seriously, camera phones do a pretty darn good job. that food looks really good at a little over $5.