As you can tell - I've been exploring the easterly side of our city lately as I've had a few trips to the Williamsburg, Bethel, Amelia, Eastgate area as of late for personal reason. Last weekend I headed to Great Scott!

First - was curious about the saying "Great Scott" - here's what Wikipedia said:

The expression is of uncertain origin. It is believed to date back at least as far as the American Civil War, and may refer to the commander‑in‑chief of the U.S. Army, General Winfield Scott. The general, known to his troops as Old Fuss and Feathers, weighed 300 pounds (21 stone or 136 kg) in his later years and was too fat to ride a horse.

We had driven by a couple of times on our trips out this way and were finally here in the dinner time frame so we decided to head on in. The bottom of the sign also mentions that the "diner" was getting ready to open. This is a more casual version of Great Scott and is also on the same road but about 10-15 min away. Haven't been there yet...

It was Friday at like 6 so it was PACKED so we ended up out front on the patio - it was cold! Thus - I got the chili ($2.99). Now this is more "Texas" than Skyline but it was REALLY GREAT! There was a touch of sweetness to it - it was chunky, tomatoey, beany, warm - just really excellent. I would definitely get this again!

I ordered the Rueben ($9.99). It was greasy and the meat didn't have much flavor. There also wasn't near enough of the thousand island dressing - like so little I could barely taste it. :-(

The youngin got the batter-dipped shrimp ($4.69 - includes drink) and isn't much of a food connoisseur but she did finish it - so it couldn't have been too bad.

The big guy got the Family Favorite - Fish & Chips ($9.99). This was EXCELLENT. Menu says it's tilapia. It was battered just the right amount and was just damn tasty! (I only had one bite - he wouldn't let me have any more because he liked it so much!)

Overall - for being out in BFE - I'd say Great Scott was worth the trip. There are a lot of funky independents on this drive so not sure how soon I'll go back but if someone else suggested it - I'd definitely agree.

Re: atmosphere - inside has a "nice sports bar" feel - although we didn't see much of it. The patio/porch is really great. There's a back patio as well...I liked it - very family friendly.

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  1. yay for "real" chili! I love Skyline, but since I'm not from the area, it's definitely not the same...

    Glad to know there's a place nearby where I can get my fix. :)

  2. That still doesn't look very "Texas" to me, with the beans and sweet, but definitely chili. I love Skyline, but I think of it more as Greek meat sauce.

    The fish & chips look good!

  3. I guess by "Texas" I just meant thick and chunky as opposed to blended ala Skyline.

    It's not a Greek flavor - I don't know what it was - but we did all agree it was tasty!

  4. The Thai appetizer is full of fun shapes and a diversity of tastes and sensation. Coconut chicken is so good with the thai chili sauce and my favorite order is the BLT Salad. Next time try the onion soup or jalapeno corn chowder woo woo
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