Guest Blog - Erica heads to the Country Cruz'en!

So this week - my great friend Erica and I decided to swap blogs for a day! Her new blog is about rediscovering Cincinnati! Check it out at and find out where I went last weekend! And today - check out Erica's own dining adventure!
When my boyfriend and I were heading to Owensville for the
Old West Festival, we wanted to stop somewhere local for
lunch instead of hitting up a fast food chain. Thanks to a
shake on the ol' Urbanspoon app, we found ourselves at
Country Cruz'en.

The "cruise in" is a bit of a lost art in Cincinnati, but
this place had charm. We pulled up and they brought us a
menu... we then ordered and sat talking in our car until
the food was ready. The food was of a greasy-and-delicious
nature, as you might expect-- I had a burger, peanut butter
milkshake and fried macaroni & cheese, Dan ordered a hot
dog, chocolate shake and fries. Everything tasted good,
un-microwaved (a big thing for me) and homey.

In the picture of Dan, you have to notice the window tray
perched by his head. It was this kind of detail that made
me fall for the kitsch of the place. In the 40 minutes we
were there, I watched cops, locals, families pull up and
have trays placed on their windows like it was an everyday
thing for them. The closest I'd ever been was going to a
Sonic and ordering through a speaker. Not the same feeling
at all. I loved Country Cruz'en both for the food and the
experience. I recommend swinging in with an open mind,
patient mood and empty stomach!

Guest Blog by Erica from Cincinnati Readventure:

Country Cruz'en on Urbanspoon

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