Hungry & Haunted Houses - what a combo!

Last weekend we decided to head up to Middletown for the Land of Illusion - a haunted Halloween extravaganza! (FYI - good fun - definitely jumped out of my pants, even BF got scared - worth the money!)

On our way we wanted to grab a bite to eat and he said he knew of a place in Monroe and was so excited to take me someplace I hadn't been and didn't know about! He couldn't remember the name...but he knew where it was.

Then we pulled up and I deflated his dream - cuz I've totally been there! It was the Red Onion! Poor guy - he should know better...but we went anyway. It's been a while and we were starving!

It's on Main Street in Monroe and attached to the Brandywine Inn. I haven't been to the Brandywine but Red Onion is a bit more affordable so we decided to stick with it - even though there was a wait.

We each got a salad with our meal - I heard someone raving about the Caesar as we waited so I chose that. It was pretty darned good for a Caesar salad. Lots of toppings, good amount of dressing - really great.

House salad was also good - decent Spring mix, ample veggies and good far so good!

The boy got the salmon - even though there were vegetables involved. He said it was the best salmon he's ever had. That's a pretty bold statement - I tasted it. Not best I've ever had - but it was good. He even ate all the vegetables - including the spinach. I nearly fell off my chair.

I got the manicotti with crab Alfredo. I wasn't as excited as he was. It was good but a bit one-note - the whole thing sort of tasted the same. There was way too much Alfredo and not near enough crab. It was good and I enjoyed it - but I wouldn't get it again. It doesn't need to float in Alfredo for me to eat it.

What is this? Well - the building is very very old and I thought it was interesting to see an old meat grinder being used to keep a door shut. Hey - whatever works! Cool picture I thought...especially since the floor was right at eye level.

So - the Red Onion - good place. It's a tiny little bar/restaurant and they do a very good business. Most people there are regulars - so you might get a few stares if you're from out of town. But - if you're headed to West Chester for something - take the extra 10 minutes and stop for lunch or dinner.

Even though I didn't love the manicotti - I do like the atmosphere, the staff and the food overall. The one note I have for them - their menu is very vegetarian un-friendly. I remember going with my vegetarian friend Jen and there was basically one thing she could order. They've got some culinary chops - I'd love to see them add at least one entree with some flare for the vegetarians.

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