Turfway Park Restaurant Review

A couple of weeks ago, live racing started back up at Turfway Park. The BF finally had a Friday night off and we wanted to do something different. Neither of us had been before - so there we went.

Friday nights at Turfway provides you 2 dining options: $1 hot dogs & $1 beers or a $15.95 Prime Rib A-Y-C-E buffet. We were feeling fancy for date night and went for the buffet.

First the pasta salads and rolls. The rolls were cold...wish they'd been heated up. The salads were fine. Bland is best at a buffet that has to please everyone.

What the hell is this??? I wish I could make you guess! Think of something...come on...and...did you get it? Vegetarian Lasagna! Yeah - me either! Actually - I had seconds of this - it was really tasty. Cheesy pasta with vegetables though - really how can it not be good?

Grilled chicken - I didn't partake...looked fine though.

Salmon and grouper. We each tried a piece. I had the grouper and liked it - again - bland for the most part but cooked well. BF liked the salmon as well.

Vegetables - really good - lots of butter...mmm butter.

And here's our friendly Prime Rib cutter. I feel bad it's taken me so long to review this - he wanted to make sure he read it! He was very polite and knew about all of the food. The prime rib was a little overdone for me. (What - bland food and overcooked meat on a buffet?)

Ahhh...dessert! Carrot cake on the bottom left was by far the best. The pastry things in the middle bottom were GROSS. Fruit was ripe and sweet (bf made me take a piece - why eat fruit when there's carrot cake?).

After spending $30+ for the buffet - kinda wish we'd gone to town for $5 and just drank and had dogs. But I have to say - the buffet did give us time to sit and talk and actually enjoy each other. Awwww.

Then we can't do a night at Turfway without talking about the racing! Here we all were - watching them bring out the thing the horses stand in (yes - that's the technical term). We have dog tracks back home - but I'd never been to a horse track - so it was a fun experience.

Ooh - dookie!

Here we are - waiting for the race to begin. I asked a nice lady to take our picture - thanks stranger!

Dookie Truck!

There are a lot of seats inside as well - but all the action is outside. Inside seats are for wussies (or people actually betting seriously - which was NOT us).

Serious suite - anybody wanna let me in?

And the ponies! I always picked by the best name...I didn't do so well.

Let me set the stage - it was a little chilly - I'm cold. I said to the bf - "Hey - warm me up over here!" He laughed and this spry youngin' instantly said "HEY I'M COLD TOO!"

I had to beat her off the boy with that racing newspaper she's holding!

And they're off!

A winning horse!

Our winning ticket - yeah - $4 richer baby!!!!

They have these awesome self-serve betting machines. You just pop your money in and bet away - it's all touch screen and everything. Very nice...

Overall - Turfway was a great date night. If you haven't been - you should check it out. Live Racing is going on through October 8 and then back up in November.

The food? Honestly - I'd probably just do concession stand food next time although the buffet was great. With our work schedules, we needed a little sit-down couple time.

Besides the buffet, Homestretch has a full menu that looked pretty good and was comparable to the $15.95 in price.

I'm giving Turfway 3 stars - even though the food wasn't amazing or anything. It's a fun experience and for those of you that have lived here forever but never been - get your butt out there! (Yes - I'm talking to you Red!)

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