Up the hill and around the corner - off we go to Tina's!

Working downtown - some days lunch isn't always about what's going to taste the best or what I'm craving - but convenience. For me, Tina's is very convenient - it's about a 3 minute walk from where I work and it's busy but not so busy I can't get a table.

It's got an unassuming location on the corner of Central and 4th - across from Parker Flats and @5chw4r7z.

I started with the potato soup which I was told by the server is homemade by him every day! I feel horrible that I can't remember his name - but he was great. He was very educational about Tina's - he's related to the owner from what I remember. But the soups are all homemade every day by him.

The soup was creamy and thick and wonderful - I was very happy with it!

I had the ham & cheese on pretzel bread - which is one of their specials/signatures. It's a standard and nothing amazing - but I mean duh - it's ham & cheese. It is tasty and a definite comfort food.

My boss got the burger - you can get it with different kinds of cheese and it's actual cheese! Not processed slices! He did say the burger was overdone that day - not sure why - but not a great day for the burger. Usually it's a solid thing to order.

While I don't mind Tina's - it's never a place I choose. Not because it's bad - but I just haven't found something I LOVE. I try and get different things so I can find that thing - I just haven't yet.

If you haven't been and you're nearby - definitely check it out.

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  1. Cool!
    That's the first time someone has used me to give directions, awesome.
    For the record, its across the street and we hardly go in Tina's.
    I guess its too close.

  2. the food looks good, I'll have to try it sometime, my wife loves potato soup!

    on another matter, I think Cold Turkey closed :( ! I just tried going there for lunch today, and they had a sign stating as much. I hope it's just temporary, their cajun pretzles were awesome.

  3. Unfortunately it's not temporary - word is Cold Turkey is closed for good. :-(

  4. Urbanspoon says you "didn't like it" but based on what I've read above, I'd say they they're wrong.

    How many stars would you give it?

  5. I go back and forth. I kinda like it - I kinda don't. I mean - for the neighborhood - it's fine. But would I go out of the way to go - no.

    I gave it 2.75 stars...


    Anybody else have an opinion?