Where the hell is Mt Orab? And what's there?

Again with my adventures to the far far far east side of Cincinnati I found myself in Mt. Orab. We were hungry and needed food. There's one "cool" place (Butterbees) but it was PACKED and we didn't have the endurance to wait an hour for food...so we headed back into the main part of town and came across Geppetto's.

The outside looks sort of like a bank and there weren't many folks there - but we decided to check it out. They stay pretty busy with take out orders it seems by the foot traffic we saw during our meal.

Lar-Dog got the steak hoagie. I don't understand it - but it's his standard order. He always always ALWAYS gets the steak hoagie. He did mix it up a bit with the waffle fries - always a good choice. I do have to say - this steak hoagie was better than most. Why?

The real key is the bread - Geppettos' makes their own bread!!!! We saw them kneading the dough in the back and it was all on a pan ready to be baked. It was really delicious! Homemade bread - DEFINITELY WIN!

I went for a small pizza - combo style. It was good. Not amazing but solid. Not something I would usually order but I was in the mood.

I also got breaded mushrooms...was hoping for them as an app - they came with the pizza. They were fine...no flavor. Worst part was the ranch sucked - it was runny. I'm a picky-ass ranch connoisseur and this was not good.

Not sure I'll go back to Geppetto's but that's mostly cuz it's way the heck out there and we don't go that way too often. But if you live in them there parts - then stop in - it was pretty good.

They also have Cheesecake Factory cheesecake - which is always a good thing.

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  1. Don't bother with Butterbee's. Think of Applebee's with less charm and more sports.