Catering Review #2: Montgomery Inn

Last week we had clients in town and that only means one thing - CATERED LUNCH! Thus I had to continue the catering blog on

Ah - Montgomery Inn. They bring quite a spread and it's nice to have something hot and more like "real food". Plus - it's always good to share the best of Cincinnati with the out-of-town clients.

Bib anyone?

Pulled chicken to the left - pulled pork to the right. I always go for the pork...ALWAYS.

Best part of MI catering - a huge pan of saratoga chips! These are delicious and pretty much everybody's favorite. There's no way we could polish them all off - but the rest of the office was happy to oblige!

Along with the chips - a jug o' sauce!

As if people want vegetables - we got some. I skip the coleslaw - not a big fan. Loaded up on a big plate of salad - pretty plain but tasty and balances out the chips and bun nicely.

I like that they give you GOOD ranch! It's ranchy-ranch - thick and creamy - DELICIOUS! Too many places use craptastic ranch now a days - not Montgomery Inn - it's the good stuff!

And here's the finished product - sammich, chips, salad and sauces. It was a great lunch. On a scale of 1-10 for catering - Montgomery Inn is definitely a 9.

I really don't choose to go there often - but for a catering option - it's great. Very different than cold sandwiches and saratoga chips go a long way with office morale!

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  1. A friend from long island catering halls taught me to always serve salads for any catering or convention. Thanks for adding more idea for my next party!

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