Stinky Chinese is not so stinky anymore...

I used to work in downtown Covington and it was always fun and there a lot of interesting restaurants in just a few block radius. One of our very favorites was AmerAsia - otherwise known as "stinky chinese".

Why "stinky"? Well - the smell of Chinese food wafting onto the street was a start...then inside - smoke smoke smoke! So it was "stinky" and it was "Chinese".


Here the Lar-dog poses in the nicely madeover interior! They painted and spiffed up the joint! It's much more pleasant inside - I mean - doesn't he look happy?!

I got the General's chicken with fried always they're low on vegetables. Or should I say void of vegetables. Is there a word for someone that only eats meat? Well anyway - it was good. Sticky, sweet and spicy - pretty darn spicy. The fried rice is a little different than most but it's still good.

Lar got the sweet & sour chicken - I had a bite - it's pretty good! Batter dipped...moist and juicy.

Also - saw a sign for Who Arted? - haha. It's an upcoming art sale. Click on the image to see all the details.

Overall - spiffed up and non-stinky interior plus CHEAP Chinese food = great lunch! It wasn't even $12 for 2 lunches and 2 drinks.

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  1. "Who Arted" is actually a concept art show. All the art in the show will be on LP records. I submitted a piece and so did my wife. All money made from the sale of these unique pieces will be donated to charity (National Diabetes Foundation, I think).

    It's only $2 to get in, and more details can be found here: