We're heading up to Mason gonna have ourselves a time...

God love my friends that live outside the 275 loop - they just don't know the lengths I go to for their friendship! You remember our two-days of traffic hell here in Cincinnati when I-71 & I-75 were two-hour rides home...well on one of those evenings we had dinner plans in Mason. So after an hour on Reading Road - we finally arrived at The Avenue!

Word on the street is that it's owned by the same family that owns the Houston Inn (frog legs and a huge salad bar). Also this spot has been a few different incarnations but now it's settled on a restaurant with a bar - it's got a definite sports bar feel. The new chef came from a country club in town (Kenwood I think) and has been at other restaurants in the area. They're hoping to make it more of a restaurant than a bar...

It's in a strip mall but is very nice inside. Dark wood - the whole manly vibe - but family friendly. Mike is the owner and he'll most likely stop by and say hi during your visit.

I chose the Lasagna and it came with a salad - really nice salad and excellent homemade ranch and croutons.

We also got bread - it was really great - didn't even use any of the butter (which is so NOT like me). It was warm and garlicky...Tasty stuff!

Here's my lasagna - portions are good sized and only $10.95. The pictures are a bit blurry - sorry - the camera doesn't do so well with dim lighting.

Now is this the best lasagna ever? No...but it's good. I enjoyed it and ate the whole thing...(I was hungry from all that driving).

Lar got the salmon - he's on a kick. It came with a choice of sauces - he chose lemon caper. It was good - cooked really well. The asparagus was nice as well. $14.95

Craig got The Avenue Fish Fry ($11.95). He had a hard time telling the fish from the fries. He's not a cole slaw person so didn't try that...but he thoroughly enjoyed the fish. The fries are huge and heavily seasoned.

Jen is such a girl - she got soup and a salad. Here's the tomato bisque - she really enjoyed it!

And her dainty House Salad with bleu cheese, pine nuts, dried cherries (ala Deweys salad). She enjoyed except for the frisee lettuce - I saw her pick it out - it's not my favorite either!

Larry also got fries with his salmon - had to show them to you - they were HUGE! Not bad - a little kick to them so if you don't like spice - probably not the choice for you.

Overall it was a good meal - about the same $$ as a night at a typical chain and good quality food. The atmosphere is pleasant and the staff does a great job. Will I head up from P-Ridge weekly? Well - no - but if I lived in that area - I'd definitely hit it up on a regular basis.

All in all - a really great evening out with our newlywed friends...awwww. Photo courtesy of PhotoSmith.

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  1. Wanted to let you know their kitchen is closed now while they look for someone to buy it.

    The whole story is at http://www.onecleanplate.com/2010/08/avenue-cafe-closes-kitchen/ Their website also appears to be gone.