Who's got the best Raxx? Q's!

I have been driving past this former Hardee's location for a few years...it was a Mexican place for a little while...and this summer it started to change again. I could only wonder what it would become?

Finally - signs all up - and cars in the lot - it's a BBQ place! Q's Raxx has been open about 6 weeks now and according to Quentin (the Q in Q's) - it's going pretty well!

I swear - it had to have been a Hardee's - we have them in Iowa - I just know a Hardees when I see one.

Not sure which incarnation remodeled - but the "copper" ceiling is quite eye-catching...

You can order at the counter or sit down and the friendly staff (well she was that day) will stop by and take your order. It's a very casual feel.

Larry got the baby back ribs, baked beans and red beans & rice (oh joy for me later that evening).

I have to say - everything was EXCELLENT. The ribs were soooo delish - definitely rubbed with spices and the sauce is sweet and a little spicy but not too much either way. The baked beans - again - awesome. The red beans & rice were fine...

But again - the ribs - I was only able to snag one bite from him - but that bite was really great! He ate every bite and was talking about coming back the whole time.

I went for the pulled pork, mac & cheese with side of cornbread. The pork was okay - not the best I've ever had - maybe a little dry. The sauce - loved it! The mac & cheese - LOVED IT! I'm not usually a baked mac & cheese fan - but this was some good stuff.

The let down for me was the cornbread - it was like a pancake made out of cornbread mix. It wasn't what I was hoping for - but hey - I like the cheap-ass Jiffy stuff. I'm sure it's true Southern or something like that - I'm just not "in the know" for it.

The other awesome thing about Q's is the smell when you get out of your car! The smoker is behind the restaurant and it just smells freakin awesome! So you get out and the smell smacks you in the face like a cheap hooker when you ask her for change for a $10. YOWZA!

The other thing is the price - it's definitely affordable - it was like $17 for the two of us (sodas are 20 oz bottles). We will definitely be back to Q's Raxx and I'm urging you all to go there - NOW!

It's in an odd location - places haven't done well there - let's help make this place stick around for a while! It's right off 75 at Galbraith and Reading.

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  1. You should try Walt's Barbeque on the westside sometime! It's amazing! And they have some fantastic sides! And it's affordable!


  2. This was a Burger Chef before it was a Hardee's.

  3. FYI- this closed towards the end of 2010.