Ah the college life - cheap chinese on a sunday afternoon

My younger sister is currently in her senior year at Wittenberg in Springfield. She has absolutely no idea what she wants to do with her life - but hey - neither did I at 21. The one thing she has learned is where to get some good Chinese in Springfield, OH. (Okay - maybe she's learned a few more things - she is an A student.)

And here it is - Shanghai - it's even in a strip mall - how very Springfield, OH. And yes - that's my short bus in the photo - she's so pretty. Shanghai is on Bechtle near the Walmart if that helps at all for the 3 people that have been to Springfield.

This is sweet & sour shrimp - well really it's just the shrimp. They are huge and the portion size is ginormous! It's why broke-ass college kids love it. The batter is sort of puffy and spongy when you bite it. Not my favorite but there it is.

Ahhh - so much ambiance.

I decided to share the S&S and added a couple of egg rolls. Those were the star - they rocked!!! And with the sheer amount of food provided - one egg roll would have definitely sufficed.

College girls and their mopey faces.

Jess got the veggie something or other. All Chinese strip mall restaurants have this mysterious brown sauce...I don't know what it is but tastes good. The veggies were fresh and tasty as well.

My sis got chicken & broccoli - see same brown sauce stuff. Still good.

The portions are huge and the price is low - so for strip mall Chinese - Shanghai is a win!

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