The eternal debates rage on...

Everybody in Cincinnati has their favorite - what's yours? Gold Star or Skyline? I have to admit - I'm more in the Skyline camp but the boyfriend likes Gold sometimes you have to compromise...

Prepackaged vs. served in a bowl...ah I do love the bowl. But prepackaged and I don't eat them! Better for the caloric intake (cuz that matters???).

I'm typically more of a coney girl than a 3-way girl (that's what she said) and since I'm not as much a fan of Gold Star I decided to be different and get a chicken burrito - why not?

Grilled Chicken Burrito


  1. I think a lot of people prefer what was closest to their house growing up. In my case, it was Gold Star...and it's my favorite today. I like the texture, spices and cheese better than Skyline.

  2. I'm not a Cincinnati native, so I can't stand Gold Star or Skyline! It's good to know there are options for us Cinci chili haters. I figured my only option would be cheese fries (which I never turn down), but the burrito doesn't sound half bad!

  3. Well Jessica - I can tell you - for the first year - I hated it...but then I tried it again and something in the Cincinnati water changed my taste buds I guess cuz now I love it!

    But yes - BOTH places have chili-free burritos!