Finally - got to Molly Malones in my neighborhood!

The other night - Larry and I were starving!!!! And we were tired and it was crappy outside and we didn't want to deal with driving far so we flipped a coin: Heads - Gaslight, Tails - Molly Malones. (need 3-sided coin so we can add in Emanu or PR Chili). Tails it was and off we were to Molly Malones.

Inside - the front is a big bright nice bar and the back is all dark with cozy tables and booths. It's almost like 2 different restaurants. Since we were on a date - we opted for the cozy right by the fireplace. We even sat on the same side of the booth - yeah - I do that now.

I hate to start the review with the star of the night but that's the way it happened. The soup of the day was Chicken Pot Pie ($2.95) and hot damn - this shiz was AWESOME DELICIOUS AMAZING FANTASTIC. I really wanted to just tell them to skip the entree and bring me out a vat of this soup.

Creamy - just like the inside of a pot pie, Chunky - with big delicious bites of chicken and Crispy - with perfectly baked chunks of pie crust. It was soooooo good! I think this should be on their menu every day - I absolutely LOVED it!

Larry got the Reuben ($7.95) - really great again! This was great because of the huge thick slices of meat! Very unique - most restaurants serve it thinly shaved so this was a nice change. Definite reorder here!

I got fish & chips with a side of slaw ($8.95). It was a nice clean white fish - good breading. The tartar sauce was really great - the fish was fine. Not as good as Claddaghs at Newport on the Levee but good.

I am so glad we got tails that night - I haven't really been to Molly's in a while for dinner and I always like supporting local businesses - especially in my neighborhood. Now - it's definitely going to be a regular date spot for Larry & I.

They also have trivia one night a week I think - that is typically PACKED - and a great time!

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  1. It's been a really long time since I've been to MM's for dinner too. I'll have to go back soon. That chicken pot pie soup sounds delish!!!

    I still miss it being The Dubliner, for sentimental reasons, more than anything.

  2. Trivia is pretty fun at Molly Malones, but you definitely have to get there early to snag a spot!

    Their calzones are amazing and gigantic!! Their pizza is pretty good too!