Go Vikings! Beat the Bengals! Oh yeah - and we ate some bar food.

My future in-laws live in Florence and we had a date set up to watch the Bengals/Vikings game with them at a local watering hole about a block away from where they live. So off we headed to Stringtown Bar & Grill.

It's in a cute little nook of Florence near Turfway & Burlington Pike. It's on Main Street and there are a handful of businesses that line the streets - it's got a very quaint neighborhood feel out there. It's unique for Florence which mostly just seems like strip malls and chain restaurants...

Inside - they were decked out for the holidays and for football! We got there early to make sure to stake out good spots for the tvs. I'm a Vikings fan, Larry's a Colts fan and his dad is a Chiefs fan - but we're all Bengals fans too. This is the ONLY time I'll root against the Bengals...I've been a Vikings fan since birth - I just can't help it!

Ice cold dollar drafts - can't beat that with a stick!

The menu isn't online (website kinda sucks) but I got something akin to a patty melt. It was very very tasty. Chips are fine...I'm not a big fan but the burger was big and delish.

Then we got nachos. It was a little odd - they gave us a bowl of nacho stuff and then chips. So more of a dipping nacho then a covered nacho. The dip was good - pretty much chili with a bunch of nacho stuff on top. Not my favorite nachos by any means but we polished them off. Football makes a family hungry!

Ah yes - we had bets bets bets! Touchdowns were 10 pushups and field goals were five. He tried to drop quick and get his over with before I could snap a picture but he was too slow!!!!

There's my main man - Brett Favre!!!!!

And yes - the Bengals did score a field goal where I had to do a few push ups...but it's okay...in the end we won the game.

Stringtown is a great locally-owned bar & grill - great for football and families. They also have a breakfast menu - there was quite a crowd in there trying that out pre-game.

And now that the game is over - I look forward to a purple & orange SUPER BOWL!

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