The hidden gem that's just across the river...

I love discovering new places - especially when they're right under my damn nose. Take the Red Light Cafe for example. Not a single review or reco on UrbanSpoon, no website, nothing. I walked by it a million times when I worked in downtown Covington - but never stopped. Well last week - I stopped. It's about time!

It's on 5th Street - the main one you come in on from 71/75. It's next to Club Venus - yes - it's next to a strip club. What the hell? It's Covington!

There are a ton of plants all over - philodendrons that wrap around the whole place and these cool butterflies were hanging above our table. I love philodendrons - you can't kill them. I had one in college - one part burned from hanging over the dorm heater while the other part froze from the window. Cut off those parts - thing still lived for 5 years. But - cats are allergic - no more philodendrons for the Food Hussy.

I did read somewhere that the portions are HUGE. I was not prepared for this...cuz they are. This was my bowl of soup. It was as big as my hand and about 4 inches deep. This was enough soup for all 10 people in the place. This is a big ass bowl of potato soup. BIG. ASS. BOWL.

Seriously - it's freakin huge! And I ordered a sandwich too. But how did it taste? Pretty darn good - lots of toppings and tasty. Best soup? Well no - but pretty good!

I got a BLT - again - big sandwich and tasty. This with the soup - well the soup got left - I could only eat about 1/3 of the bowl. The BLT was good although I like my bacon a little more underdone...this was on the crispy side.

I have to say - I hate the generic potato chips. I know everybody serves them and hell I eat them. But I don't like them. I'd rather have a side like macaroni salad or cole slaw or something if you don't feel like giving me fries.

Lar got the burger and fries. Nothing fancy here - but really good. Fresh toppings and just a damn good burger!

All in all with a soda that we shared it was under $15 - like I think around $12! Huge portions, not too busy so you can get a table right away, friendly staff (order at the counter, then sit - just a tip), warm, cozy, etc... It's a great lunch spot and it's next to a strip club - so the money you save on lunch - you know.

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