Jersey Mike's - heard about it...finally got there

I've heard many people argue about the best place to get a sub - is it Penn Station? Subway? Quiznos? Jimmy Johns? Jersey Mikes? Others? Well - I've been to most (still haven't been to Jimmy Johns - am I missing out?) - but finally checked another one off my list - Jersey Mikes!

We stopped at the Newport location - it's in the same strip mall sort of thing as my favorite Mexican place - Rio Grande (get the fajita taco salad - review to come)!

I don't know if it's the menu or the way you order or what - but something is a bit different than Quiznos or Subway. I always feel pressured when I'm ordering - like there are too many options and I just can't figure out what I want. I was definitely in the mood for a hot sub - so I zeroed in on that portion of the menu.

I chose #43 - Chipotle Cheese Steak. Grilled onions, peppers, chipotle mayo – Wow! You gotta have one! (their words not mine)

As you can see - it's a lot of food and kinda messy. It didn't seem as "put together" as maybe a sub from Quiznos - a bit sloppier. BUT it was tasty - and the excess that was pouring out from the sandwich tasted great on the chips. :-)

I can't say it's my favorite - it was a nice change of pace - and they have Diet Mt Dew which is always a find!

The chipotle mayo wasn't quite as spicy as I'd hoped but I could taste it.

So - Jersey Mikes - well - I'd say better than Subway, not as good as Quiznos and DEFINITELY not as good as Penn Station. Now - I gotta find time to get to Jimmy John's!

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  1. I like Jersey Mike's best for the cold subs! Penn Station for hot subs.

  2. Jersey Mike's isn't the best place for a hot sub. You need to try the cold subs -- get a #13.

    For hot subs -- go to Penn Station.

  3. I'd rank them Quizno's (only because I'm a sucker for guacamole and I get the guacamole turkey bacon sub), Jersey Mike's, Penn Station, Jimmy Johns (I really don't understand that obsession) and then Subway.