Making my way through every lunch place in Covington!

The bf and I often times head over the river to Covington for lunch - he's picking me up and I hate parking downtown - so to the Suspension Bridge we go!

But we've gone nearly everywhere - so we think - so this time we circled the courthouse area and found a new deli we hadn't yet ventured to: Madison's Cafe & Deli.
Cute place, next to Skyline for those of you that know the area...

Everybody that works there is uber-friendly! It's sort of a "we already know you - so get your butt in here and eat!" kind of feeling if that makes sense. The menu is on the big wall behind them...

They had free sushi to try. It's someone local that's delivering fresh sushi every day. A full tray (same size as ones you see here 12-15 pieces if I could count right) is $6.95 I think. I tried the sushi - don't like it. It's just not fresh - tastes like the stuff at the Chinese buffets...that's not sushi!
Lar got the philly and a side of bacon potato salad. The philly he didn't like much - thought the meat tasted funny and he doesn't like peppers and onions much either. He also thought the bread was too hard and crusty. (He's turning into a food critic before my very eyes!) I tasted the meat and didn't think it was too bad...but it was only a very very small taste.

The potato salad was really really great. I definitely loved that although I couldn't eat the whole scoop - it's pretty rich. But that was definitely the star... (you can get it to go for your holiday get-togethers).

I got the Reuben panini...didn't much care for it. The meat didn't taste that great and I think the panini-ing of the sandwich just took a lot away. I'm more a fan of the Izzy's thick and juicy rather than smushed and crusty.

Overall - it's probably not a spot I'll go back to. The place is cute and the staff is very friendly - but we just didn't love our sandwiches.

The potato salad rocked though...

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  1. I just stumbled upon your site and was reading some past entries. I've been to Madison's Deli in Cov several times and have always been really pleased. They make their own croissants that are delicious! Might want to give it a try again and go for the croissant.