Otis? Barney? Andy? Nope...but we are in Mayberry

Everybody in the Cincinnati social media world has heard about Mayberry on Vine St in downtown Cincinnati. Their UrbanSpoon rating is 100% for petes sake!

But - for those of you not all tweeted out - this is for you! Mayberry is owned by the same folks that own the World Food Bar and they've opened up this shop in the last couple of months. It was previously home to Tom's Pot Pies (which you can still get delivered - just no bricks & mortar location now).

They spruced up the front with a coat of paint and some nice window dressings - it's much more inviting!

I didn't ask but I'm guessing all the art work was done for this location. It's full of flying pigs...very cool stuff. I love inspecting them - and trying to understand why the eyes are all X's. Are the pigs dead?

My beef? The beverages. Lisa asked for a cup of water - it's tap water - and not even cold and no ice. The sodas are $1.50 each and are tiny 12 oz. bottles... Boo!

I got the Sloppy Josh - it's shredded beef with coleslaw and spicy mustard. I was really thinking it would be ground beef...but it was shredded. It's good - but it's a lot. It's a very strong sandwich with lots of strong flavors and honestly a bit much for me.

Every sandwich comes with a little salad and I LOVED the dressing - really really loved it. You don't get a choice - but this is damn good!

I also got a side of mac & cheese. It was tasty as well - I'm not a huge fan of home cooked mac & cheese but it's good. Comparable to what I just had at Q's Raxx actually - I enjoyed both equally!

Here's a closeup of the sammich - as always you can click and see full screen. I think I'm just not a fan of the cole slaw on my sandwich... It was good - just a lot of food!

My good friend Erica over at Cincinnati Re-adventure went along and had the burger. It's topped with an egg and is what everybody brags about. She enjoyed it thoroughly!

Lisa got the cobb salad - arugula, bacon, chicken, pear, bleu cheese and a poached egg. We saw it on somebody's table when we walked in and she knew its what she wanted. She was very very pleased!

Erica took the bacon off her burger cuz she doesn't like bacon (WTF?) and gave it to me. It's really great - so great that when I go back - I'm definitely getting the BLT!

Erica also had a side of the tater tot casserole and loved it - she even gave me a bite - ditto! Very home-cooked feel and taste - always a treat.

I think Mayberry is a great addition to the downtown dining options. I actually waited a while to post this hoping that I could relaunch the fervor that was happening a couple weeks ago.

I'd love it if they shored up the drinks issue and added one healthy option (I think all places should try to make something healthy that actually tastes good rather than relying on me to only eat half - bah!).

I'll definitely be back to Mayberry...and soon...that bacon...yumm!

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  1. And starting today they'll be open evenings until 9!
    And a Sunday brunch.

  2. sandwiches are 7 - sides are 3 and the drinks (now 20 oz.) are 1.50 - you don't NEED a side though since the sandwiches come with salad...

    i think the prices are fine for a sit down "gourmet-type" lunch

  3. I think the flying pigs are the flying pigs at Sawyer point with the Bridge in the background...see it? The place sounds great.. I can't wait to try it!

  4. They tweeted me - those paintings were done for them by artist Tomas Englert.