Up in Battle Creek...they sent me...PANCAKES!

So we have this client up in Battle Creek, MI... and I got to go visit them last week. Well we only really had time for one meal out and it was breakfast - so off to The Pancake House we went! It's attached to a hotel...and it's a funky old school place - I was definitely excited!

Good old advertising coffee mugs!

A latchhook rug - not something you see everyday!

Here's the good stuff - blueberry pancakes!!!!! They came with the blueberry goo stuff but I asked them to keep that stuff - YUCK! I like good old syrup on my cakes. And these were excellent pancakes!!!! Lots of blueberries and they were big!

Plus - a side of bacon - slightly undercooked is how I asked for it. I could have had it even more undercooked - I'm weird like that - but it was good.

What else did I get in BC? SNOW! First glimpse of snow for 2009 - and I have only one thing to say - THANK GOD I DON'T LIVE THERE!

If you're in Battle Creek and you need breakfast - definitely stop at The Pancake House! And they have those giant coloring books for like $7 - you know - the ones that are bigger than your kid - it's a great take-home from an otherwise uneventful business trip!

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