Up on the hilltop - it's Willies!

The BF and I are dining for lunch together every day right now - it's fun - but we're getting bored. We feel like we've been everywhere there is to go in Covington. (he picks me up - we pop across the river) Couple days ago - I was sick and wanted soup - so I made him trek up the hill to the one place we hadn't been - Willie's!

Willie's is any dudes favorite sports bar - there big ass tv's everywhere! I have been once - a few years back - the guys I used to work with made me go for March Madness. I was just the eye candy - they weren't there to chat - it was noshing and basketball!

Lar got the steak hoagie - as I've said before - it's his standard order. It was good too - the waffle fries are one of my favorite things about Willie's - it's what I remembered.

Me being sick and all - I needed comfort food. 1/2 BLT and a cup of potato soup. The soup was really great - thick and cheesy! The BLT had a "shit-ton" of bacon (this goes with the "big-ass" soup from Red Light!) I gobbled up every last bite!

Ahh...tvs and beer...every man's fantasy!

Willie's doesn't have the most amazing food or anything - but it's good bar food with a load of tv's. It's a great place for games, etc... The price is average - for the 2 of us with 2 drinks was $21 - a little pricey maybe - but fine.

I think with bar food - it's bar food - you kind of know what to expect. You might get lucky and find something amazing (Skinny Legs anyone) but the key is to know when a place has BAD bar food and Willies definitely does GOOD bar food.

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