Why review it again? Hell I don't know...but I already took the pictures!

I have just discovered that I've already reviewed El Rancho Grande two other times. Now one time I thought it was Los Portales and another I didn't even know the name until I left...but this time I knew going in that it was El Rancho Grande and still didn't realize that I'd already been to two of them! But with that said - here we go!

This time we were in Sharonville...we were at the one right off 275 at 42. It's next to a ghetto-looking hotel but the restaurant is not ghetto looking.

Chips and salsa - always great - crisp and salty with chunky salsa that I love!

Larry got the enchilada, taco and rice lunch special - he loved it. Basically most of the Mexican places have nearly the same menu and the same taste - but El Rancho Grande is quickly becoming my favorite. It's consistent and UBER-fast!

I got tacos, enchilada (cheese sauce instead of red) and it was supposed to be queso dip but was instead a tostada of some kind - all ground beef. Again - loved it. The shredded cheese is my favorite. Does anybody really know what kind of cheese it is? It's so soft and so delicious - almost salty. God I love it. If you know where I can get some - please let me know!

The interior is cute too - it's an awkward shot but it's all painted up to look like you're actually in Mexico. It's very cute.

The service was impeccable - our food was on our table about 3.5 minutes after we ordered it. The servers are also really friendly. This was probably the best experience of the 3 I've been to and I'd definitely recommend it again.

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  1. We like this place too. I agree with everything you said.

  2. Thanks for another yummy review :) I know I keep offering up dining locations, but please put Montoyas (2507 Chelsea Dr, Ft Mitchell, KY 41017) on your list. Their authentic Mole is outstanding!!

  3. Okay - it's on my wish list! Is it right off Buttermilk near Oriental Wok?

  4. yes, it's right off Buttermilk. you go down the street a little and turn Right and then take a Left. It's also in a little strip mall. I also believe there is a bar next store.

    Can't wait for you to try it. I hope you like it :)