Furniture, Bulk Products and Baked Goods - gotta be with the Amish!

Well I can no longer say BF - so we'll just have to say Larry now..."fiance" sounds so fancy! Haha...but anyway - Larry and I went for another of our Saturday drives - it's a weekly tradition now. This time - to Amish country in Adams County.

The destination was of course Miller's Furniture, Bakery and Bulk Goods. It's all in one place and it's about an hour drive (Google Maps said 2 hours but it's so not!).

It's a little compound (not like Big Love) with 3 stores and a lot of families named Miller apparently. We decided to hit up the furniture store first.
Beautiful cabinetry - had me drooling for sure. Prices are not cheap by any means and the stuff is mostly traditional. We did see quite a few interesting baskets, armoirs, dressers, bookcases, etc...

The other thing they have are these funky clocks - they're made in Japan so no idea why they're in the Amish store - but they're fun. The clock sort of "falls apart" when it chimes and plays music from the Titanic or Christmas carols...stuff like that. I found an example online - they have a ton of them at Millers.

And we did get to see one horse & buggy of course...

Next stop was the bakery - I nearly fainted when we walked in. This place just smells amazing! All the pies - I should have gone that route. But Larry can't eat eggs and I'd feel a little guilty eating a whole pie myself!

We picked up a loaf of bread and an apple pull-apart thing that was egg-free. The bread was good - the apple thing was okay - not enough frosting for me...but it was fine.

The real star of the bakery were these pretzels - $1 each - ONE DOLLAR! OMG they were soooooo good! Normally they are $2 but it was a snowy day so I think they were just wanting to sell as many as possible. Wish we'd bought more - it was DELICIOUS!

Oh my - I forgot the cookies! I got these oatmeal cookies with coconut and white chocolate chips - sort of like an "everything" cookie at Brueggers. Well then they had frosting in the middle of 2 that made it like an Oatmeal Creme Pie. Those were awesome but very very rich. I had one a day for 6 days - delish!

After leaving the bakery, I looked across to the furniture and saw this. I'm not saying I want to buy it - I'm just saying it's going to be the model for our next house. If only it was a mini-version and I could have it outside for the cats!

Lastly we did hit up the Bulk Food store - forgot to take pics. Mainly it's groceries - but they also have soup and dip mixes, cheeses and butter that are all made in the area. I had to get some butter - never had homemade butter - it's really good. The cheeses are also excellent.

Why Should You Go? It's a fun day and the drive is pretty - plus you can come home a totally different route than the way you came and see new sights!

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