Happy Hour in Downtown Cinci on a Friday...ugh

I'm not a "happy hour" kind of girl - I don't really drink and I don't much like ginormous crowds of YPs. I think I'm getting old...and I'm fine with that.

But by request - I went out to BlackFinn a couple weeks back. It's very loud and there are a lot of people. If you like that kind of thing - it's great. I just don't...but I made the best of it.

The front is a quieter more "restaurant" atmosphere, the middle is a bar with high-top tables and booths but it's really loud and very much about the drinking and mingling, then the back is all bar and even louder.

Again - this all sounds negative cuz I really don't much care for this - but hey - if I gotta be here - I might as well get a bite to eat and write about it.

I seemed to remember the chicken fingers ($8.99) were good and I was right. They are probably the best chicken fingers in the city. The breading is really tasty and they're juicy. If you're there - get these - for sure!

I got the slider trio sampler - which on their website looks like this:

In reality, it looks like this:

One each of the Classic Beef, Pulled Pork and Southern Fried Chicken Sliders - 6.99

Okay - seriously - the buns are completely different and there was no lettuce on that plate! The burger was actually really good - very juicy. The other two - meh.

I just cracked up when I saw the pic on the website and then my pic - wow - not even close!

Why Should You Go? To drink.

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  1. it's funny how much better restaurant pictures look than the food that is actually served! It's especially bad with fast food.