Million Dollar Strawberries

This past weekend was Valentine's Day and I FINALLY have a Valentine (collective AWWW). It was also the fiance's birthday so we had a weekend full of events planned. After dinner Friday night (Aroma - review coming soon) we decided to head into Kenwood Towne Centre and hit up the Godiva store for some chocolate covered strawberries.

They have a big case of them in the window just taunting you...hello my friends!

I had to jump out and take a quick pic - there's Larry - staring at the berries. They also have boxed chocolates and drinks (I hear the shakes are AMAZING).

The counter person asked if we wanted strawberries - sure of course we do! Asked if we'd like 1/2 dozen - sure of course we do! She boxed them carefully in this beautiful packaging and gave us a free truffle for joining their rewards program (it's free and you get a free candy every month). Then we got a couple other things and headed to the checkout.

The total - $58!!!!!!

Holy crap - well we about fainted. The box of chocolates was $12, the truffle was free - what the heck was the rest!?!

Turns out the strawberries are $7 each! Larry said "Man - that's a week worth of value meals!" I admit - there was definitely some sticker shock. My fault for not asking...but damn.

So there you go - $58 worth of chocolate. We savored every strawberry and definitely made them last through the weekend! We also added in a berry cup - you'll see it in bottom left - it was good too - that was like $4. The packaging is ridiculously nice - the strawberry costs like 10 cents and then the packaging must be the rest!

We are still joking about the "million dollar strawberries".

Why Should You Go? Godiva - well it's special occasion chocolates definitely. Just be aware of the prices before you make your purchase. They are delicious.

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