More Cupcakes? Three Tiers this time!

After the visit to Bellevue Bistro that I discussed a couple days ago, I scurried down the street three doors to Three Tiers. While having lunch a woman walked by with cupcakes and I knew I had to find them! Sure enough - Three Tiers was just a couple doors away!

Their website and cards are such a nice design. The owner is very sweet and chatted me up about my blog and her shop. Her mom runs the Mrs. Teapots a few doors down.

There are some demo cakes in the shop - they look beautiful.

But for my trip - it was all about the cupcake. They have a few assorted varieties for sale - anything other than cupcakes has to be pre-ordered. The ones shown above are like a Hostess Cupcake.

Here's a shot outside - it's very cute...

Honestly I don't remember the names of what I got. The one on the left had caramel frosting with chocolate & toasted coconut. The one on the right was strawberry frosting I think.

The caramel frosting was delicious! I actually don't like caramel but this was just flavor and I loved it. The cake was nice - nothing special. The frosting is also more towards the whipped rather than buttercream - for those who know what they do and don't like.

Why Should You Go? All in all - it's a very cute shop. The cakes look great as well. Bellevue is so full of places - it's perfect for a Saturday afternoon with your friends - have lunch, shop and then get dessert - there are LOTS of options!

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  1. I have tried several of the cupcakes. The chocolate with ganache is very good, very cocoa-y. The banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting was good. Red Velvet was awful - dry cake and greasy frosting. Pumpkin cupcake also had greasy, tasteless frosting - too much shortening or something. Wish I'd been able to have the caramel!

  2. We just Three Tiers cupcakes at a Bridal Shower and what a huge success they were! Each cupcake was neatly designed with incredible taste! I highly recommend the Strawberry Cupacake with Strawberry frosting!

    Way to go Three Tiers! ")