Buffet anyone? Hell yes to Homer's!

I am a little "off" - I have too many cats, I watch every reality show known to God & Man - hell I even liked Taylor Hicks! Thus - it's not a surprise that I would see a place called Homer's Smorgasbord and think, "I gotta go there!"

Actually I went to high school with a guy named Homer - so I'm always curious when i find another one!

We passed the big yellow sign on Reading Rd. near Sharonville many times but finally - I got Larry to pull in!

It's a big giant buffet and it's CHEAP AS HELL! Like seriously - it was $16 for the two of us - drinks included. WHAT?????

There's a salad bar but I skipped that - I wanted the GOOD stuff! Here are the veggies - even hominy and greens?!

Starches anyone? The rolls were really delicious! So was the cornbread - I doubled up... FYI butter is on the salad bar and it's cold (boooo!).

This picture doesn't capture my favorite part of the meat line but let me say the fried fish (bottom left) was really really good! Thick white fish (cod maybe?) and tasty!

We both tried the roast beef and it had flavor and was juicy! We were both a little surprised at the quality of everything.

Larry's is a fan of Golden Corral - I'm not. I think everything is bland and kinda icky. He's also not a foodie - he just likes to eat. But we both commented on how much better this is - and cheaper!

The land of dessers - I was pleased that they actually had just plain old cake with the oh-so-good white sugary frosting. I had that and some soft serve and was in heaven!

And now the picture of what I didn't capture on the buffet line - the fried freakin chicken. This shiz was AWESOME!

I scarfed the chicken - inhaled it - devoured it. Then the lady running the register said, "Oh you should go now when it's fresh!" I looked over and there was a GIANT pile of fresh - alas I was too full for more bird. But it was damn good chicken. I watched the Fried Chicken Wars episode of Food Wars last week and was dying for it ever since...my thirst was finally quenched.

That's the fish on the top right - the sausage on the bottom left - eh not as good. Go for the chicken!

Why Should You Go? Um did you not read this - THE FRIED CHICKEN!

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  1. I'm so glad to see a review of Homer's by someone! We usually avoid the interstates when we head north and drive past it all the time. Hubby (who likes his food in mass quantities) always jokes about going. It is officially on our to-do list! Thanks!

  2. Shoulda skipped the roll, that was just filler that kept you away from more fried chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow...that looks disgusting...

  4. I had to go - I'd always wanted to. So glad I did. The fried chicken was soooooo good!

  5. Yeah...no offense, but that food looks completely gross. It's all practically the same color!

  6. Hey - pick on it all you want - just means more fried chicken for me! Cuz seriously - that's all I want!

  7. I cant get enough of the roast beef myself, that with the veggies and rolls. The coffee is good to, goes well with the desserts and ice cream. The price has gone up a couple of dollars but for the variety and quantity you will get your moneys worth if you bring your appetite.