Colerain Mexican!

When I'm in a new neighborhood and I am hungry - I tend to head towards the first Mexican place I can find. Why? Well most of the places around are typically chains but there's not really a lot of Mexican chains (Don Pablos does NOT count) so I can usually avoid the chain and still get fed!

We recently purchased and filled an aquarium and while we were out finding new fishes we were on Colerain. I'm always intrigued by this road - there are just soooooo many businesses! I definitely can't be the one driving because I'd wreck!
After finding the right fish and tank decor - we were starving! We found Los Panchos and made our pit stop. It wasn't too busy - they had a few tables near the bar amidst some flat-screen tvs and that's where we perched.

Chips and salsa of course - I think it's rule #1 for Mexican restaurants to have these plastic bottles for the salsa - seriously - they all have the same ones! Chips were good - warm...always better.

Really no recollection of what we ordered - it's been a couple of weeks. He got ground beef and was nice enough to share his sour cream. The portion sizes were very large!

I got shredded chicken - always like that better than the fajita stuff in an enchilada. Again - giant plate full o' food!

Why Should You Go? Well it's nothing to drive out of the way for - but if you're in the Colerain area - it's a definite safe stop. Good food, large portions, nice staff and affordable!

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  1. For Mexican more on the Eastside, you should check out El Toro in Hyde Park Plaza! It's where Daybreak used to be and it's quite tasty. And they have some great big ass margaritas! Last night I had their taco salad with ground beef and it was delicious. Good salsa too.