Finally got up the hill to Teak!

I finally made my way up the big hill to Teak in Mt. Adams. Everyone has bragged about it for years but it took a big ol' group work lunch to get me there.

It's a cool stone building and the outside...

carries through to the inside! I love when places bring the outside for ambiance it gets an A!

Started with hot & sour soup - it was SPICY and hot and sour - so it did it's job. A little too spicy for me but I enjoyed about 1/2 the bowl before my tongue was on fire.

To follow are a plethora of dishes from our table - I definitely can't remember them all but I'll do my best. All came from the lunch menu and everybody walked away with full bellies and smiles!

Broccoli shrimp

Chicken fried rice

Shrimp something...garlic maybe? I remember it smelling great!

Panang curry with tofu - I did snag a bite of this because I don't like curry and I keep trying it in hopes of finding something I do like. This was better than most.

Don't remember but I had a bite and it was good.

Teak is also known for their sushi and the bossman was nice enough to get us a boatload of it (literally). It was fine. I have to say it didn't overwhelm me by any means but it was good.

And our favorite part of the lunch, a girl walked in with this shirt. Why so fun? Cuz our programmer's name is Jordan. We were all putting bets on what the front of the shirt said.

Why Should You Go? If you're in Mt. Adams and want Thai - then definitely go. I live in the land of Thai with about 15 Thai places within 5 minutes of my house so I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to go again - but it was good.

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