My new fav for lunch...crepetastic!

I work on the crappy side of downtown - at least when it comes to lunch options. There are a couple of bars and that's about it...until now! Luckily It's Just Crepes has opened less than 2 blocks away and I'm in heaven!

They've had a location on Court for a couple of years but that's so far from me! But now - they've opened in the former La Tea Room and I've been once a week!

I was a little skeptical - I've had crepes at breakfast places and they've always seemed gooey and mushy - but the first time I had to at least keep an open mind and give it a try.

The decor has been Ikea-fied and brightened up. It's very refreshing. It does get a bit busy - so come at 1145 or 1230 to miss the crowd. If it's your first time - you just hop in line then one of the crepe-makers will call you to order. Order away and then pay - it takes about 5 minutes to get your order and it's fun to watch.

Here's the watching - they pour on the batter and smooth it out. Then flip it & fold it...

Then add the toppings...on my first visit we got a savory and a sweet (they have separate menus). The sweet are $3.50-5 and the savory are $5-7.

The thing I love most is the fresh-factor. Everything is fresh - the ingredients, the look, the feel - everything. I feel like I'm eating fairly healthy and the ingredients haven't been fried or sitting around for an hour.

I've tried a few different options when it comes to the savory and I've found that I like saucy. I've had chicken a couple of times (Santa Fe above w/ chicken, swiss, mushrooms, salsa - $5.99) and it seems a bit dry so I decided to try something with more stuff in it.

Finally this week I found the one I love - it's called the Red Goat - tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, goat cheese (yum) and balsamic vinaigrette. That's pretty close - I can't quite remember if that's exactly it but close. I loved it!

I've also done the sweet and they are great too. This was the blueberry cream and it was decadent. They have a lot of Nutella which I haven't been brave enough to try yet. Chocolate something will be my next one. The bonus on these - the way they fold them - you can unfold and cut in half and share!!!!

Why Should You Go? Cuz it's awesome. Fresh and affordable - delicious!

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  1. brave enough to try nutella? have you seriously never had it???

  2. brave? and nutella? only in the same sentence if you're communicating how brave someone is in their bid to NOT eat it.

    as a woman it is my one true love.

  3. I know - I'm a wuss. I don't like hazelnut and it seems sticky like taffy. I'm picky about sweets I guess. I'll brave it - I promise!

  4. I love this place! We go several times a month. My favorite has to be the club but I add buffalo sauce!

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  6. think chocolate peanut butter. but without the strong peanutty taste. much smoother, a subtler nut. HEAVEN ON EARTH.

  7. maybe you should have a review dedicated entirely to nutella...


    DO IT!

    please :)

  8. I went down to this location on February 5. It was AWESOME. I'd been to the original Court Street location also, and they definitely brought the awesome parts of the original, with them to 4th Street!