A big Wal-mart and good Mexican - all within 10 minutes of my house!

A few years back I was anti-Wal-Mart - severely!!! Now I've backed off and will go when requested...especially since we have a nice pretty clean new one on Red Bank. Since we've been visiting the shiny WallyWorld I have noticed the strip mall next to it - teasing me with a Mexican restaurant coming soon. But finally - it's open!!!!
El Jinete has opened in the strip-mall near the Wal-Mart - there's also a chinese buffet there too - just haven't stopped there yet.

First - of course - chips and salsa in the little containers. Very tasty!

I ordered the bean & cheese dip - man do I love this ooey gooey white cheese dip and the refried beans below - yum!

The decor is pretty standard but it's all brand-spanking-new - so it's nice. Lots of flat-screens all over as well so you can watch whatever game is on while filling up on the chips.

Now to remember what we ordered a week ago - um - not gonna happen. He got steak & shrimp with fajita type stuff on top and it was really really good. I was definitely jealous of this dish...so I thought...

Until my dish came - holy moly - this was awesome! It's chicken and mushrooms and just deliciousness. I do wish I'd taken pics of the menu so I could remember but man oh man - it was soooooo good!

The best part was the portions are huge so we each ate half and then mixed it all together and I had lunch for 2 days!

The rice and beans were standard - nothing amazing - but good.

Why Should You Go? It's really comparable to my other favorite - El Rancho Grande. The restaurant itself is brand new so it's very clean and nice inside. I really enjoyed it and we can't wait to go back.

Also - for the formerly-lacking-in-Mexican area that I live in (Pleasant Ridge) - I'm thrilled that we can get to Mexican in less than 10 minutes no matter where we go now!

Kenwood - El Rancho Grande
Norwood - Cancun (next to Frisch's - opening soon)
Red Bank - El Jinete
Hyde Park - El Toro

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  1. I love this place. Finally a mexican restaurant that has some spice!

  2. how is the salsa compared to the El Pueblo? I love the salsa there.

  3. I'm SO excited about Cancun opening here in Norwood. If it's run by the same people that have a location in Fairfield, it'll be good!! I can't wait to try this one too.

  4. The food is great - one of the best. And the restaurant is new and clean. I wasn't crazy about the salsa. But I'm pretty picky with salsa at mexican joints.

  5. We got razzed a little bit by our readers for liking El Jinete, because it's not "authentic" Mexican.

    But I think you've said it before: sometimes, you just want Tex-Mex. And El Jinete is good Tex-Mex! :)

  6. Yeah - it's no La Mexicana - but I'll take this or El Rancho any day over Don Pablos!

  7. Went to El Jinete tonight with the kids and grandparents. Yes it's in a strip mall in front of the WalMart but I have to say that it was super yummy. I had the Tacos al Pastor, which I'd seen mentioned on Cincinnati Bites. Probably one of the best Mexican dishes I've had outside of upscale places (Nada, Mama Mexico in NYC). My wife had the California Burrito and, despite the fact that it was bigger than her head, she ate the whole thing and asked if she could lick the plate. The grandparents got enchiladas and other similar stuff and liked it. Chicken nuggets and hot dogs for the kids. Only minor let down was the guacamole which looked like it was made in a blender. But I've come to realize that's pretty typical in the Midwest.

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