Cincinnati Flower Show - get out there next weekend!!!

Some days I enjoy blogging more than others - yesterday was one of those days! I got free tickets to the Flower Show! I get free tickets and you get the longest blog I've ever published!

The Flower Show really is one of my favorite things to go to every year. Lucky for you - it goes through next weekend!

It's in Symmes Township - and there are lots of parking options ranging from $3-10 depending on how far you want to walk. You can also buy tickets for the show and/or parking online for a discount.

The show has window boxes, table displays, themed gardens, and many more flower displays I'm forgetting to mention. They also had a Fine Food Tent last weekend which was FANTASTIC (more below) and a TON of vendors! So here's a pictorial tour with commentary of our Sunday afternoon at the Flower Show:

This was my favorite mini-display - there were flowers coming out of the chair, the books, the shoes - everything. And - there was a cat - so of course I loved it.

These displays are done by a variety of groups, schools, floral businesses, etc... it runs the gambit.

I love rhododendrons. I can't grow them - but I do love them! (click on the pics to see them larger - even better!)

This was a yard display called Backyard Pioneer...amazing imaginations at work...

Yes - cauliflower, onions and's all art!

I could have used a trowel that big yesterday - it was GIANT! They also had a lamp and watering can that size - really cool stuff!

Larry decided we need to build this treehouse of sorts in our back yard (must click picture!). There's a swing below and a table up top for entertaining.

One of the vendors that sucked me in was Aqua Gems. These are little beads you water and then they swell up to the size of marbles. You can use them for houseplants, cut flowers, etc... I really thought these were cool - and the colors were so vibrant! Can't wait to get mine in water tonight!

Onto the Fine Food tent - these little boxes of goodness were from Chocolats Latour.

I've seen Little Rosie's before but this year I tried it - so delicious! Not everybody was excited about salad but I was up for the challenge. I tried the one on the left - it was sweet and had a little kick - very very good!

Then the Sugar girls were there - I've had the cupcakes before so I felt my tummy space was needed for new foods - but they were selling quite a few!

This little gem is Nancy from Nancy's Fancy Cheddar Snaps - and snap is the right word. She has this sweet little grandma appearance and then the snaps kick you in the pants with a little spice! She's from Lexington, KY and has been selling these online for the past year and a half and said she's doing quite well with them! A family snack made into an online business - LOVE IT!

A D'marie rep was there with crisps, dips and this concoction called Frappe Vino. It's like an ICEE made with wine and, for me, it made red wine drinkable!

These guys had cheese, cheese and cheese - besides that - they had some Ben's Sweet & Hot Mustard...we bought this and loved it! We actually got a pretzel from a vendor outside and sat by the pond eating our pretzel and just-purchased mustard! I'm not a big mustard fan - but this stuff is fantastic! And $5 for the jar - not bad!

One booth I wished I had the $$ to sign up for was Nature's Delivered. It brings the farmers market to you buying locally grown produce and delivering it weekly to your door. We're saving for the wedding so it just wasn't the right time for us - but if you love fresh fruits & veggies - I'd urge you to check this one out!

Now for the worst picture to go with the best product - Dojo Gelato! A former coworker started this business which runs out of Findlay Market and it is amazing!!!! Gelato has no eggs so the fiance can eat it and boy did we! We got a half and half of Chocolate Hazelnut & Cherry - sooooo good! Rich & creamy - deliciousness!

Dojo Gelato on Urbanspoon

After filling up at the Fine Food booth we headed off for more flowers. There is one tented area for table displays. Um - just a note to whomever did this one - call me! I have a wedding to plan! It was a pink explosion!!!!!

The theme was Children's Books or something like that so this was the ode to Wizard of Oz - the flowers were really vibrant! So fun!

I just love the colors - so amazing!

Here's a close up of the last one...

Now you might think to yourself - who needs or wants a lifesize palm tree? Well - I know for a fact my friend Rachel would - so I had to include this link for her! Midwest Palms has them!

Near the vendors this music was playing and we finally found the source - is that a pan flute? I'm not sure but it was peaceful.

The geese were also enjoying the day - I think they were eating leftover pretzels from all the kids.

And strangely enough I've never SEEN a turtle swimming - but now I have. He was so cute!

Then we found this great lily vendor - Maplecrest Lillies. They are giant and gorgeous! She also doesn't freeze them between shows - so she said when she gets back to Maine - they go back in the dirt. The bulbs I bought are even going to bloom this summer - which was pretty cool. 4 bulbs for $10 - good price too!

And of course there were flower baskets galore! Besides that you can get trees, vegetables, seeds, garden art, jewelry, gardening tools, paintings, window boxes that water themselves, and the list could go on forever! There is so much to see - it's definitely sensory overload! But we loved every minute of it - even Larry enjoyed it!

If you've got 2-3 hours this weekend - make sure and head up to Symmes Township for the Cincinnati Flower Show. It's well worth the trip!

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