It looks like a bank - but what is it?

We were taking a drive after work and ended up in Waynesville...and the signs kept on pointing us in one direction. DER DUTCHMAN!

Larry swore it was a bank - I told him banks close at 5 - it can't be a bank...I finally convinced him to go in.

I begged and pleaded with him to let us sit here - in the carriage table! But it's right in the front where people wait to be seated and he said no. :-(

I love the graphics on their can order off the menu, have something "family style" or have the buffet. Prices are very reasonable. It's a very bright atmosphere and very family-oriented.

We chose the buffet - salad first of course!

The star of this was the ribs - I was really surprised at how much there was to offer. It was very nice!

Lots of side dish options as well...

My salad and rolls. The sauce with the rolls was interesting - I think it was homemade applesauce? It was good - interesting flavor.

The ribs were delicious - by far my favorite thing. Well maybe the corn - you can definitely tell this is home grown sweet corn - it tasted SO FANTASTIC. I couldn't believe - out of everything I went back for more corn??? I always mix it with my taters - have since I was five - why should I stop now?

The fried chicken wasn't near as good as Homer's - I will say that. It was labeled as "broasted" here though...

I also got a piece of pecan pie to take home. I love pecan pie - it's really my favorite - it's terrible for you - but I enjoyed it very much.

And seriously - click the image above - and you will see the largest glazed donut on the damn planet! It was crazy ridiculous!!!! The shop up front had cookies, breads, jams, etc... lots to choose from.

Why Should You Go? It's a very family-friendly dining option and Waynesville has lots of great little shops to visit. Take the grandparents or have a fun day out with the girls! Get the ribs and the corn!

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  1. The "sauce" with the rolls is apple butter. They sell it in the front of the store. I have eaten here, and they have a couple in Amish Country, in Northeastern Ohio, which I have eaten, as well.

  2. I think the homemade applesauce spread is apple butter...

    which is made with applesauce, so you were close!

    Looks delish :)

  3. The sauce is Apple butter, and the chicken is prepared in an Amish style - it's the style of cooking for the place

  4. I'm pretty sure your "homemade applesauce" was probably apple butter. They serve it with the sweet potato fries at Habits in Oakley.

  5. The spread with the rolls looks like Apple Butter to me. I grew up/near Amish country in northern Ohio. I'm very familiar with Der Dutchman and restaurants like it! There's one back home that has the most delicious peanut butter pie EVER!

  6. Family style is food served in bowls - you dish your own out - just like family.
    Amish chicken is different from regular fried chicken - I am used to it being soaked in buttermilk and pan fried.
    I haven't been there in years -
    you didn't mention - was there amish baked goods, etc? There is definitely a difference!

  7. Hi Heather, I Love your blog!

    From your picture, and given where you were eating, I think the "sauce" served with the rolls was apple butter.

    Wikipedia describes apple butter as "a highly concentrated form of apple sauce, produced by long, slow cooking of apples with cider or water to a point where the sugar in the apples caramelizes, turning the apple butter a deep brown."

    I can remember the waitresses at the Golden Lamb serving apple butter from dishes they would carry from diner to diner. They would go around with the dishes just after they delivered a basket of bread to the table. I remember their apple butter as delicious!

    Happy eating!

  8. Yes - apple butter it is - it just didn't seem like butter - felt like I should eat it with a spoon not spread it with a knife.

    Now I know!

    Thanks team!

  9. There's another good restaurant around the corner from Der Dutchman called The Village Restaurant and it's in wonderful downtown Waynesville. Try it the next time you're up that way. The froed chicken is much, much better than Der Dutchman or Homer's. BTW, Der Dutchman is closed on Sundays...