Maid Rites in Ohio???? Yup!

I'm from Iowa as many of you know - and in Iowa we have something that is analogous to Skyline Chili - we have Maid Rites. Larry calls it a "fall apart burger", Roseanne opened a diner on her show that served "loose meat sandwiches", it's all Maid Rites.

Now what does that have to do with Ohio? Well I was on a drive in Oxford and 100% planning on heading to Kona Bistro. There used to be one in Cinci and I miss it very much - so that's where I was set on going. Until...I saw this:

In the trees - what is that? A Maid Rite???? What the hell?????? I was giddy! So we abandoned Kona (we'll be back) and headed across the street.

You see when I do make the pilgrimage to Iowa - I always get a Maid Rite. We had one in my small home town growing up and I just love them. So to get one in Ohio?! Woohoo!

On the way - noticed this gorgeous old movie theater and had to take a picture. I am a Princess after all.

Here's the menu - click on it to see full screen. It's very simple and at $1.70 it's becoming VERY popular among the Miami U student body!

When we walked in I was very excited and proclaimed my love for Iowa Maid Rites. The young man behind the counter quickly informed me this was not affiliated with that chain and they are a little different - still loose meat - but not the "Iowa" Maid Rite. I was still excited - how different could it be?

Ah - here's my Cheese Rite, chips and chocolate shake. The shake was really good. But - how was the Maid Rite?

Well - I can't believe it but - it was disappointing. I can't put my finger on it - but there's definitely a difference. The bun was wrong, the seasoning wasn't the same, there was no spoon to pick up the fall out meat - it just wasn't my Iowa Maid Rite.

But - it was okay and it was really cheap - so all in all - a good experience. The owners of this shop also own one in Greenville, OH that is supposedly pretty famous around the area.

While in Oxford, we walked around and enjoyed the downtown a bit. It's a great spot and made me miss college.

I'm also on this "old sign" kick lately and spotted this one in Hamilton, OH. Who wouldn't want a Hungry Bunny Burger?

Why Should You Go? Well if you like the Greenville Maid Rites or if you're looking for cheap dining in a college town - it's a good option!

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  1. not to get picky... but the main part of town is the UPtown... there is no downtown in Oxford!!

    Also - the Princess movie theatre isn't that old... can't tell you how old.. but I know that as a child, the only theatre was the Miamian.. which is now a restaurant/bar on High street - but with the same signage out front..
    glad you enjoyed Oxford! It is a beautiful town!

  2. We just had some Maid Rites last night from the Greenville Oh shop. We always add a little more mustard and I like a little more pepper. I also noticed their buns seem to taste just a little sweet. I don't know what brand they use. We've noticed they just don't seem to taste like they did when we were younger, but I suppose at 73 and 75 our taste buds are a little off. LOL But we still buy a bag full when we get up that way, they're good warmed in the microwave, but you have to be careful, too much warming and the bun gets too hard.

  3. Yeah - the buns were sweet - wasn't like home. Maybe i'll have to treck to Greenville sometime and try those!


  4. I might be partial, but Greenville has THE BEST Maid Rites.