More Mexican...

Larry was up getting the truck worked on and discovered another Mexican place for us to go! Fiesta Brava on Fields Ertel.

It's been quite a few things over the years but this is doing pretty well. They have coupons on their website and free wi-fi.

Chips and salsa to start - pretty good - pretty standard. After a while I have a hard time distinguishing between any of these places.

I left my camera at home - so these are crappy cell phone pics - sorry. I got the Enchiladas Supreme because we were sharing. It had a cheese, a bean, a chicken and a ground beef enchilada so it was nice to try all four.

The ground beef was kinda bad - it was very dry and crumbly. The bean was a little too beany (is that a word?). The chicken and cheese were both good and I'd most likely just stick with cheese next time. I'm a cheesaholic.

Why Should You Go? It's nothing to drive out of your way for - but if you're in the area - it's good standard "Cincinnati" mexican food and the staff is very attentive and friendly.

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  1. Unfortunately, across the street from there is one of the best Mexican places in the city... Maya Taqueria.

  2. Great food. I love to stop in when I am in the area and have time.
    Thank you very much for the article

  3. is maya taqueria "authentic" mexican?

  4. Have you been to Habanero's? I'm not seeing a review for it here. Anything--anything--but typical Cincinnati Mexican. I'd about die without that place.

  5. I have been to Habanero and I have to say - I've never liked it. It seems like chipotle is better to me - too dry or something.

    i'll give it another try - any reco's for what to order that's a "never fail"?

  6. I think it's so great you find the time to do this AND handle high school! Can't wait to see what you do with your writing after some college!

  7. Dear Genevieve

    While I know I look amazingly young in my photos - I've actually already graduated high school & college!

    But thanks for the compliment - you just made my day!


  8. FYI. Habanero is latin american, not mexican. Chipotle is indeed mexican though.