Where is my favorite gyro in the city?

100% - Greek To Me! I absolutely love the place!

At my last job I worked with a Greek - we'll call him Taco (it's his nickname because of his crazy long last name that sounds like Savemesometacos) - took a group of us there to see his buddy that owns it. So glad he did! I love their gyros - just love love love!

Now - I don't work with Taco and I don't work nearby - but on one of our drives we were in the area so Larry and I stopped. Man - I won't wait a year to do that again!!

It's in a tiny strip mall on Dixie Highway - past Crestview Hills, past Margaritas, go under the train viaduct and it's on the left. There's a check cashing place and Greek To Me.

Inside - they've changed up the paint job since I was in - but it's a small cozy place with a big menu board. Most importantly - big hunks of meat behind the counter - YES!

I got what I always get - the gyro combo. Delicious. It's better than any I've had - don't know why - the meat just tastes better.

Then the fries - they have lemon herb Greek seasoning they throw on them and it's awesome. I always ask for extra!

When I first had one of these gyros I couldn't even finish half of it! My male coworkers mocked me until I finally was able to finish it. See that's what you get when you work with men vs. women. Women are dainty and only eat half. Men - well they make shit of you until you "finish the whole thing you pansy!"

After our bellies were full of Greek - we took the rest of our drive...here are the highlights:

I'm big on signs right now - I keep seeing funky signs from yesteryear. I love the man/woman symbols on this one. In case I wasn't sure if I was allowed to go in - now I know.

These two lovely gentlemen saw me clicking the picture at the stop sign and asked if they could be in the picture too - so sure! Here you go guys!

A while later we stumbled across (literally - we have no idea how) Big Bone Lick State Park. Come on - BIG BONE LICK - WTF? But in we went! (FYI - no cell reception - dropped a call to my BFF about 16 times!)

We saw some vultures but couldn't get close enough to them for a picture...

Ahhh - a stream.

So we saw this giant hill and decided to walk up it - if there's a hill and a walkway - there's gotta be some reason for it. Let me say - I was damn tired once we got to the top.
There was a beautiful lake at the top!!!! Lots of great spots for fishing...definitely will be back this summer!

Aw - aren't we cute?

And then somehow we stumbled further to Rabbit Hash, KY. I've heard of it but never been and didn't know why I knew of it - but there we were. It's a few shops and a few houses - I can imagine how packed it is in the summertime. But Rabbit Hash is best known for electing animals as their mayors.
This guy didn't win - but I do love the poster!

So there was our drive through KY - still not really sure how we got all those places and then got home - but the compass in the truck helps.

Why Should You Go? Greek To Me is my favorite gyro and it's a locally-owned family business - what more could you ask for? Big Bone Lick is a really pretty park not too far from "town" so that's a quick jaunt to peacefulness. Rabbit Hash - hell I don't know - but I bet there's a party there every day in the summer. And the views are great!

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  1. aww memories, i used to live out that way. I've never gone to Greek to Me though, I thought it was a chain.

  2. Just got back from Greek to Me - Combo was special as always ..............We got it ordered by phone & picked up in ten minutes 1/2 hour later at the CVG Greater Cincy Airport Viewing area it was history - Great way to take a sunny day Lunch break from the office