Congratulations Sis!!!!!

My baby sister has done it...she graduated college. WOOHOO!!!!! After four years at Wittenberg - we had to celebrate!

Sis thoroughly enjoyed her experience and if you're looking for a small school to go to with an excellent reputation - you should check it out. It's in Springfield, just about an hour-ish north of Cincinnati.

The dining options in Springfield though are a bit slim - but I knew of one "nice" place - Seasons Bistro & Grille in downtown Springfield. Off we went!

Salads were the starters - caesar was Mom & Sis' choice. Pretty standard fare...

I went for the House Salad made with their homemade Lemon Vinaigrette. Not very creative as far as a salad goes but the lemon dressing is nice and not overpowering with lemon as you think it might be.

Larry got the wedding soup - really just for me. This was delicious - very delicate with lots of meatballs.

Sis is a chicken-head and got the Chicken Scaloppini with Gremolata ($20). I tried some (of course) and really enjoyed it - sorta wished I had chosen this. It was light but filling and very delicious.

I opted for their special which was a carbonara with lobster. It was okay - the veggies weren't really sauteed enough and the lobster wasn't in very big chunks. I think it also was overpowered by the alfredo sauce...

Larry got Maria's Mediterranean Salmon ($20) and this was really good. He's always on a salmon kick and I should probably start following him. Much healthier choice as well...

Mom got the Filet of Beef ($27) and again - good choice. The meat was really well cooked - I never like to get steak because it seems sort of basic and not much of a challenge. But Mom's get what Mom's want! haha

Here's me and the new grad - obviously one of us forgot to bring sunscreen.

Sis & Mom got the Warm Chocolate Cake ($7) - basically a molten cake. I should have - this was really good. I was able to coax sis into giving me one small bite - whew!

I went for the Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake ($6). It was awful. They described the shortcake/biscuit as moist - um no - it was like a hockey puck. It was sooooo bad! The strawberries, whipped creme and chocolate were fine - but the shortcake was horrendous. I needed a knife to cut it.

I have to say - overall - a disappointment. I had been once before when I'd gone up to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house and it was delicious and amazing. This trip was just okay. Far better than the Falafel debacle at Mela but nothing I'd run back for.

Why Should You Go? Well it's nice and better than anyplace else I found in Springfield. But really - head to Mike & Rosy's or Yellow Springs and you'll be happier.

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  1. And I forgot to mention - the breadstick with my pasta was inedible. It was hard as a rock - whole wheat??? No whole brick!