Glendale Wine, Beer & Food Festival!

My good friends Rachel & Marla live in Glendale and both told me about the Inaugural Glendale Wine, Beer & Food Festival so I had to go!

There were a half-dozen different food vendors and then tons of beer & wine! I think there were probably a dozen or more tents and each had a different brand of booze. It was definitely fun. The event was free but you bought tickets for beer/wine (beer was 6 for $10) and then paid cash for food. These were "tasting" sized servings - so about a 1/2 plastic cup of beer - fyi for next year.

There are so many wonderful areas on the square in Glendale - the Gazebo is definitely a good one to take a break at.

We were hungry so we stopped at the Grassfed Organic food cart. My mom (in town for sis' college graduation) got a burger and I got a sausage melt.

Here's mom's burger. They were very giving with the cheese and it was really great cheese. I wasn't too thrilled with my sausage melt - I was thinking more of a link sausage - with peppers & onions type of melt. It was just a thin sausage patty with not a lot of flavor. I should have gone to the Friendly Stop...but the cheese was good!

These are the truffle fries from the Daveed's booth. There was a really nice lady in line that let me take a pic of her and even try one. They were darned good. I've been seeing Daveed's at these type of events a lot more and they're selling their own products now.

You can't go to Glendale and not see a dog - the square is always full of dogs! These two Greyhounds regularly make the rounds at these local events and are soooo sweet! I'll have to bring our new pup to an event soon!

As we were strolling around - I saw a very welcoming sight - CUPCAKES! I instantly knew by the colors of the booth that it was Sugar from Milford. Their website is out of date as they've been open for a while. This was the chocolate truffle cupcake and man it was tasty! Melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

Next stop was the Grand Finale booth. They are right next door to my friend Rachel's house and I know the owner - always a good stop. They're best known for Sunday brunch.

From their menu they were serving their Bacon, Tomato & Lobster Deviled Eggs. This I had to try! It was pretty darned good and definitely a nice twist on a deviled egg.

Then I saw something and thought of my sister - wellies! She's a big fan of them and has gone through a pair a year through her college time. These are embroidered and have a funky design to them as well. They're $65 a pair and that includes the personalization. You can order them from Zou Baby - it's a local company - try them out!

Of course - had to have a squirrel - it is Glendale. If you don't know about the squirrels - here's the dish. They are adorable little fellas!

The Century House is also back open - they had a pretty extensive fire last year. It's a nice gift shop that has lots of unique items. Definitely a place to stop for a special gift! I quickly found my beer for the night - Leinenkugel Summer Shandy. This lovely young man and I were fast friends as I kept returning with ticket after ticket. It's a light beer with a lemon kick (my favorite). Hoping to find this at Party Source!

And my night wouldn't be complete without a stop to see Rachel & Kevin - slinging the good stuff.

I have to say Glendale is a very tight knit and friendly community. Everytime I go I see someone I know. Warm, friendly and fun - 3 words that perfectly describe this little community. And be sure to check out their street fair in September - Rachel sells her jewelry and it's fantastic! (If you need some sooner than September - shoot me an email.)


  1. We went on Sunday and it looks like it was a better crowd on Saturday. Overall nice event.

    Thanks for the very kind comments about our shop. Glendale is an amazing area and there are many other shops and restaurants to enjoy year round!
    Please come and experience a walk back in time where you do not feel that MALL sameness and are treated like a friend by all.
    Again, thanks to The Food Hussy for the thumbs up.

    We are going to be carrying the wellies in the very near future and they are going to have them for kids too!!

    The Century House Ladies

  3. Thank you for such a great article on our beautiful community. we are all about community and supporting each other here. be sure to stop in all the great businesses and say hello.
    look for our street festival in september and our old fashioned christmas on the square in december.
    sherri kohnle
    le petite cottage
    sherri kohnle design