Cock & Bull Pub Restaurant Review - Covington KY

On our recent lunch outing Larry and I headed over to MainStrasse to the Cock & Bull Pub. They've also recently opened one in Glendale...I've been to both before but it's been a while.

In Covington, it's on the main corner with Dee Felice, Chez Nora and Cosmos...they have the most outdoor seating which we definitely took advantage of.

Across the street in the median is a great fountain and a bunch of outdoor tables...

We decided to try eating healthy this day - I had the Buffalo Chicken Salad ($7.99) but with BBQ instead. It was fine... The chicken was a little dry and there's really nothing for toppings other than cheese and tomatoes. Boring to say the least.

Larry went for the Blackened Chicken Caesar (no caesar - $8.49). Again - it was fine.

I've been other times and it's always fine - but haven't found much exciting. The fish & chips are their specialty but they're breaded not battered and I'm not a fan of that. The Reuben I got last week on a coworker going-away lunch was okay - but again - bland. The nachos are pretty good - covered in chili...

Why Should You Go? It's fine - I'd honestly rather head down to Zola's for an awesome burger but if you're there and you want bar food and a nice atmosphere - go on in.

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  1. Cock and Bull was my go-to bar when I wanted beer when I lived in Covington. But the food is always pretty boring. It's great for the beer, and in the summer time, they keep the AC super high, so it can be a great respite from the heat. But stick with the drinks. Or go grab dinner at Dee Felice. :)