Paxton's Grill Restaurant Review - Loveland OH

I love Loveland...I've just discovered it in the last year and have to say - I love it! I would so love to have one of the houses on the trail and just sit on my porch and people watch. But for now - I just have to enjoy visiting. On a recent visit - we decided to stop at Paxton's Grill for a nibble and a few beers...

Paxton's is right on the main street and the trail so it's a perfect spot. Big nice bar and plenty of tables inside. On a Friday night - this place is PACKED - and yet - very family friendly!

For a quick nibble - we chose the Hummus & Pita Bread ($5). So delicious! I could have used a few more pieces of pita but the hummus was definitely homemade and really tasty! There was actual flavor to it and the chunkiness of it definitely told me it wasn't store-bought. What a great appetizer for only $5!

They have a full menu - even breakfast. They have a frequent visitors card that gets you like $10 with every $100 you spend and it's all tracked on the computer - so we signed up for that too. We don't go often but might as well have it count when we do.

I can't wait to go back and try more items from the menu and walk on the trail...

Why Should You Go? It's a great family-friendly atmosphere with happy staff that make the place shine. Plus - Loveland is a great visiting spot!

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  1. Welcome to where I grew up. the shaved ice is awesome in the summer, by the bike trail. When driving around, watch out for speedtraps, though. the loveland cops are tenacious!

  2. I live in Loveland and really appreciate the great restaurants there. Paxton's is a great place to hang out and get a decent meal. I love the fish platters.

    Also check out The Works (pizza in an old fire-house), but go when it's warmer and the big door is open. And for "fancier" food there is now Tano's Bistro, probably only 50 yards from Paxton's.